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Marlborough House,

33 Park Street West,

Luton, LU1 3BE


Tel: +443301136858 +447551455980

Business schools

Offering you World class business school all over the World

Language Schools

World class language schools in Europe and North America

Summer camps


We strive to create a summer camps that truly excel


Pre-University programmes leading to Undergraduate and Master's degree in reputable schools

Available tailored courses that are offered by institutions where students can participate in campus rotation. This means for an undergraduate program a student can decide to experience each year of studies in different countries. 

Join our post qualification job recruitment database where a wide range of international and national companies select the right people for vacant positions within their organisation. We would help you build your career.

Students admissions


Our specialist counsellors provide extensive personal guidance on all aspects of overseas education, including choice of schools and colleges, career planning, university admissions, visa guidance, documentation assistance etc.

Please call us for an appointment to attain clarity on your future.

For those who are unable to visit our office, you could either mail or ask your queries on phone or as well fill the form below. After the calls, our counsellor will send you a report of the discussion, together with any recommendations, and will be glad to answer any query.



We can offer you University admission with World class institutions

Visa Counselling

We have well trained Visa advisors that would guide the students obtain Visa to the country where they intend to study. We obtain current changes in various national student visa updates.

We have gained an outstanding reputation for providing a fresh, very competitive, proactive and honest approach in offering various courses that would match your future ambition and advise you on what career path to follow

We can inform you of regular scholarship offers available from our institutions, Government Agencies, Organisations and other awarding bodies. Visit our scholarship news page to signup for scholarship information.

Student Accomodation


We can assist you with different types of accommodation which fit into your needs and budget. Some students prefer to stay outside the school provided accommodation, while others also prefer to stay on University Campus accommodation. Depending on the each, such student’s budgetary constraints, we can make arrangements with accommodation agents in the UK and other countries.


 Proofreading & Editing Services


Jokings Educare Print offers proofreading and editing services to students carrying out their project work, assignments or research. This is one of the company’s services portfolio which is run by our fully qualified and experienced tutors with several years of proofreading, copy-editing and tutoring experience. Jokings Educare proofreading and editing services are designed to add flair and fluency to written work. The services are tailored to the student’s needs but typically there are four levels of service: standard proofreading; editorial proofreading; copy-editing and write checking for plagiarism.

We also offer to our potential student online programs that are delivered in a more convenient manner especially for the working class group who have limited time and may not be willing to travel out. 

 Life in the Chosen country of Study


Access to Telephone Helpline (during office hours) to enable them to seek advice on any general matter of life in the country of study

Access to our On-line Questions and Answers Service (this is not an automated service – all queries are personally answered within 24 hours by one of our experienced advisers)

A comprehensive up-to-date information and advice on all general matters of life in the country of study, including each of the following issues.

  • The legal requirement and the implication of being a student in the in the country of study.

  • Registering for and accessing healthcare and dental care provision

  • Keeping yourself and your belongings safe and secure, personal and belongings insurance

  • Accessing banking and financial services and the costs of living estimation

  • Undertaking paid work in the, as well as restrictions and income tax implications

  • The availability of leisure services, and tourism and holidays in the

  • the country of study

  • Driving in the country of study, obtaining a driving license, buying and running a car

  • The various customs and traditions

  • Renting and accommodation

  • Sourcing information and advice, and using communications

  • The availability of supporting adult education courses (English Language, ESL, etc)

Student Career Counseling


Career counselling is not a new concept and they have always been around. Yet, the number of students who opt for their services is few and far between. That is why we insist on the students visiting us to avail our career counselling for making an informed decision.