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Information for new students

1. Do I need a visa to come to study in the UK? If so, how do I apply for that visa?

If you are not an EU or EEA national you will almost certainly need a visa to gain entry to the UK to study at Bedfordshire.
If the main purpose of your travelling to the UK is to study, you will need to apply for a student visa under Tier 4 of the UK Border Agency's Points-based System.

To apply for such a visa, you will first need to obtain a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the University that has given you an offer letter
For more information about applying for a visa under Tier 4 of the UK Border Agency's Points-Based System, please see UKBA studying information or UKCISA immigration advice


2. What must I do to obtain a CAS which will allow me to apply for a visa to study in the UK?

The University that offers you an admission will, other than in exceptional circumstances, issue you with a CAS when the following circumstances apply:

·         You have met all the conditions of your offer to study at that University

·         The University has reasonable grounds to believe that you will obtain a visa using that CAS (in accordance with paragraph 35b of the Tier 4 Sponsor Policy Guidance version 04/12)

·         The University is satisfied that you both intend and are able to follow the course of study concerned.

·         It is not more than 6 months before the start date of your proposed course of study

·         The expected duration of the course of study will not result in you spending more time studying in the UK than permitted by paragraph 475 of the Tier 4 Sponsor Policy Guidance version 04/12 eg not more than 5 years at NQF level 6 or 7, or 6 years if you are applying for a Master's degrees after an undergraduate programme that was a minimum of four years in length

·         The proposed course of study constitutes academic progression from any previous course of study in the UK (in accord with paragraph 411 of the Tier 4 Sponsor Policy Guidance version 04/12)


3.  How do I renew my Tier 4 visa from within the UK?

If you are in the UK already before joining your course it is most likely that you will need to apply for another Tier 4 visa. 
For example if you have been studying on a Tier 4 visa with a different institution and are now changing to another you will definitely need to apply for a new Tier 4 visa specifically for the selected institution. If you are in the UK on a different type of visa you may also need to change your visa to Tier 4 at some point either before you start your course or during the course itself.

If you are in the UK as a prospective student and the offer for your course has been confirmed you will need to apply for a Tier 4 visa either from the UK or your country before your 

JoKings Educare has dedicated International Student Support Team to help you understand your visa options and, if required, assist you in the process of applying for a Tier 4 visa extension. Online advice they provide can be accessed here


4. Do I need to meet any financial requirements in order to be granted a visa by the UKBA or the British High Commission?

One of the conditions you must fulfil in order to obtain a visa under Tier 4 of the Points-based System is that you must hold sufficient funds.
You will need to show that you have enough money to cover any outstanding tuition fees for the forthcoming academic year, and maintenance or living costs, the amount of which will vary depending on your circumstances.

If you are classed as having an 'established presence' in the UK, you will need to show the lower amount (currently £1600). If you are not classed as having an 'established presence', you will need to show the higher amount (currently £7200). These figures are in addition to any outstanding tuition fees not confirmed as paid on your CAS letter.

If you are applying with dependents, this figure will be much higher.
For more information please see UKBA money advice or  UKBA Tier 4 migrant guidance (paragraph 134 of the policy guidance) UKCISA information sheets


Visa Refusals and Invalid Applications

5. What should I do if my visa application is refused?

Visa refusals occur for a variety of reasons. If your visa is refused, you will receive a letter explaining the grounds for the refusal. You must read this document carefully. It will also state the circumstances under which you may request an Administrative Review of the decision to refuse your visa if you applied in your country. If your application was made in the UK you may be entitled to lodge an appeal.


6. what should i do if my visa application is returned as invalid?

In some 
cases visa applications are returned as invalid. This is different from a refusal. It indicates that the UKBA are dissatisfied with the application package to the extent that they will not even consider the application.

If this occurs, you will not be viewed by the UKBA as having made an application for a visa at all. This may have consequences, particularly if you are already in the UK and your previous visa has expired. Due to this fact, and so that you can be confident you will not experience the same outcome again or be refused, it is highly recommended that you seek advice before re-submitting your application.

What benefits can we expect from working with your agency?



  • International Student Recruitment

  • Effective methods of advertisement using Outdoor promotion

  • Student Counseling

  • Effective Follow ups on students

  • Pre-assessment of Prospective Students

  • Offering Market Updates to institutions

  • Organizing and arranging  Seminars for institutions

  • Supporting institutions during Education Fairs and Seminars

  • Making New Proposals to assist institutions: 

  • Facilitating your office abroad: 

  • Assist the institution during-visit arrangements

  • Scheduling your staff appointments with the students

For Students

  • Advice and assistance in preparing and submitting an application to a UK university or college, in terms of English language, style and content of the application, and covering:

  • Assist in offering admissions into the UK Universities, colleges and high schools

  • Students Career counseling

  • International Students Accommodation Assistance

  • Airport Pick up

  • Proof reading and editing services

  • The preparation of a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • The preparation of a personal statement

  • Counseling prospective students on the availability of their proposed course

  • Climate/weather information about country and school location

  • Provides information needed to families, sponsors and parents for making informed decision

  • Additional arrangement for community orientation, information and assistance

  • Receiving and responding to offer letters

  • Advice and assistance in arranging accommodation in the United Kingdom