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Step 1:

Get information

Updated information about study in the country of your choice and identify the required documents for international students and this can be seen by clicking this link. Click Here

Step 02

Consult to select University and Program

Our consultation group are always online and on time to guide you for selecting the best program and best university. Click Here

Step 03

Get your documents ready

At this point you should prepare documents required for admission then send us your documents. To see what required documents are and how to send them, click here.

Step 04

Evaluation of documents by us

After we receive your documents, we will evaluate them within 24 hours if there is anything wrong or incomplete then will inform you by email.

Step 05

Creating your profile

If your documents are complete, your profile will be automatically created by us and we would send you an email or text about your profile number which indicates what you have applied for. So from that moment till the end, you have to mention your profile number if you want to know about the natural process and so on.

Step 06

Communicating with Supervisor- PhD Applicants only

This stage is only for PhD or Research-based MSc students who need a proposal to present to the supervisor. We expect you to send us your proposal.

Need a Research Topic? Click Here

Step 07

Paying for Application fee - UK applicants excluded

We would proceed with the payment of your application fee. An invoice would be sent to you on the cost of the application as well as other necessary costs. This excludes students applying to the UK. For more information about application fee Contact Us 

Step 08

Application sent to the University

Your file will be sent to the international admissions of the University. This department has the responsibility of international student’s applications. So your profile will be sent to your selected faculty after an overall evaluation by international admissions team.

Step 09

University Evaluation Process

Right after your profile is received by the University & Faculty, an investigation committee will be set up to evaluate all your documents included transcription, academic certifications, working experience, English language qualification and etc. The result is precisely sent back to IIA for further steps.

Step 10


Once your profile is approved by respective faculty and sent back to International Admissions in order to issue an offer letter to you. Otherwise, you will receive a letter of rejection which shows there have been some problems with your documents or requirements.

Students admissions


Our specialist counsellors provide extensive personal guidance on all aspects of overseas education, including choice of schools and colleges, career planning, university admissions, visa guidance, documentation assistance etc.

Please call us for an appointment to attain clarity on your future.

For those who are unable to visit our office, you could either mail or ask your queries on phone or as well fill the form below. After the calls, our counsellor will send you a report of the discussion, together with any recommendations, and will be glad to answer any query.

Business schools

Offering you World class business school all over the World

Language Schools

World class language schools in Europe and North America

Summer camps

We strive to create a summer camps that truly excel


Pre-University programmes leading to Undergraduate and Master's degree in reputable schools



We can offer you University admission with World class institutions



We can assist you in obtaining PhD admissions from any of our prestigious partner institution around the world. 

See PhD proposal Samples



Seeking to undertake a Masters in taught, Research or MBA. We at Jokings Educare are willing to assist you to attain your dream. Speak to us today for a profound and excellent advise.

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