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Padworth College - 75% 18-month A-level Principal Award Scholarship - January 2024 Entry

18 Month A Level Programme

Our 18 month A Level Programme starts in January and has been designed to accommodate students who are unable to join the two-year A Level Programme in September. It is ideal for students moving schools, relocating or coming from another country with a different academic calendar. The 18 month A level course comprises of approximately 18 weeks of teaching in the first year and approximately 30 weeks of teaching in the second year.

These times also include assessment windows. During their first year, students are taught in separate classes from the other Year 12 students, in order to ‘fast track’ through their first year of studies. Students receive increased teaching hours during the first year (January to June) – normally up to 8 hours per subject per week - to allow them to cover all of the material required.

The remaining course material is covered over three terms in the second year, where students join the other Year 13 classes. Students may choose three A Level subjects. In addition, they can complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), as an additional accredited qualification. The weekly timetable also includes PSHE and PE. International students with an IELTS score below 6.5 overall must join the IELTS course for their first academic year. This is timetabled alongside A Level lessons

Termly Fees

Tuition: £6,820

Accommodation: £6,

160 Scholarships available.


Age: 16-18 Minimum English Language Level: IELTS 6.0 Subjects: A Level Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics and Physics Academic Study: Individual subjects are offered at 8 hours per subject per week during the first academic year, reducing to 5 hours per subject per week in the second year. An additional 2 hours per week is allocated to IELTS if required. In addition, students must commit to a minimum of 5 hours per subject, per week through prep and independent study after the school day Weekly Assessment: 2-3 hours of formative and summative assessment per week, designed to ensure that revision is continuous and cumulative

Contact Us

House 7, 200 Road,

Festac town,

Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +234 703 813 3615

Mob: +234 814 116 7848

UK: +447551455980


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