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University College Birmingham is a university in Birmingham, this university offers students the opportunity to gain a world-class British university education in one of the world's most dynamic and exciting cities. The university specialises in the areas of hospitality and the culinary arts, hairdressing and beauty, tourism, business enterprise, marketing, business management, accounting, finance, events management, sports management, sports medicine, sports therapy and Early Years education with an outstanding facilities to develop your industry skills, unrivalled placement opportunities and award-winning teaching staff.


  • CITY: This university is located in Birmingham which is the second largest city in the UK right after London. There are lots of companies whose head offices are in this city making a hot spot for career and employment. The city offers the chance for students to experience life in an exciting, diverse city with world-class restaurants, entertainment, and shops. It is also hugely multicultural and quite diverse in race and provides the perfect home. There are lots of student jobs in this city in retail, healthcare, hospitality, customer service, cleaning, and warehouse. These roles are student friendly, accommodating the 20hr per week work limit.
  • TUITION: The average tuition for postgraduate international students is £14,500 with some discounts available and a convenient payment plan. This figure though is susceptible to changes depending on chosen course of study. It is important to note that most specialised courses usually have a slightly higher tuition fee than most.
  • STANDARD OF LIVING: The average cost of a single room in this city is £500 per calendar month while the average cost of a 2-bedroom house or flat is £700 (this in turn is also dependant on whether it is furnished or unfurnished). With the current world change and rise in Inflation most areas have experienced an increase in price. For example, cost of housing, feeding and most basic amenities like electricity and gas prices have gone up.
  • BRIEF: Degrees from this university are accredited by the University of Warwick, industry-led college courses and innovative apprenticeships offering you the chance to earn while you learn. A few reasons why they are so popular with students looking for exciting, vocational courses is because they have an expanding campus with outstanding facilities to develop your industry skills, unrivalled placement opportunities and award-winning teaching staff.

University College Birmingham

    The minimum requirement for an international student to apply for a place on an undergraduate course (BA/BSc)  that Applicants must be holding an OND, with at least an overall profile of 50%, will be considered for a place on an undergraduate degree or Applicants for advanced standing on degree courses can be considered from applicants who have successfully completed an HND.

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