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 Life in the Chosen country of Study


Access to Telephone Helpline (during office hours) to enable them to seek advice on any general matter of life in the country of study

Access to our On-line Questions and Answers Service (this is not an automated service – all queries are personally answered within 24 hours by one of our experienced advisers)

A comprehensive up-to-date information and advice on all general matters of life in the country of study, including each of the following issues.

Available tailored courses that are offered by institutions where students can participate in campus rotation. This means for an undergraduate program a student can decide to experience each year of studies in different countries. 

  •  The legal requirement and the implication of being a student in the in the country of study.

  • Registering for and accessing healthcare and dental care provision

  • Keeping yourself and your belongings safe and secure, personal and belongings insurance

  • Accessing banking and financial services and the costs of living estimation

  • Undertaking paid work in the, as well as restrictions and income tax implications

  • The availability of leisure services, and tourism and holidays in the

  • the country of study

  • Driving in the country of study, obtaining a driving license, buying and running a car

  • The various customs and traditions

  • Renting and accommodation

  • Sourcing information and advice, and using communications

  • The availability of supporting adult education courses (English Language, ESL, etc)

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