International Tourism and Hospitality PS1

My name is Bala Zekeri, i was born in Mainamaji Village, Bauchi state Nigeria. Minanamaji village is just a few kilometers away from the Yankari Game reserve, a major tourist destination in Nigeria. Growing up in a community which depends largely on tourism and having seen the benefit of tourism this was a factor that made me want to pursue the career in BSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Aside from growing up in a community driven by tourism, from my early age I have had love for traveling, visiting more than 15 states across Nigeria. i Have also visited Cameroon and Benin Republic, where i have learnt to speak basic French language. And this has made traveling my major hobby. I also have hobbies in mountain climbing, cycling and athletics.

My involvement in athletics has made my traveling very possible, having represented my secondary school in various athletics competitions across Nigeria, and I have won a number of personal awards and medals. I have always been focused, business minded and goal driven. I have attended a number of leadership training and courses where I have learnt the value of leadership and organisational skills. I will need to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

Growing up I have always had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to be a tourist expert who offers tourism and hospitality related services. At secondary school, myself and a group of friends always visit the Yankari game Reserve where we provide minor services such as taking them around the community, cleaning and translators to visiting foreign tourists. Aside from the money earned from this mania job, I was able to learn about other places through communicating with the foreign tourists and this has increased my desire to explore a large world.

Although i have always been passionate about pursuing a career in the tourism industry, i was not sure which degree would offer me that unique training that would give me the chance to put my love of travel into an industry context and develop my knowledge of the business aspects of travel and tourism. However, during one of my regular visits to the game reserve, I was opportune to speak to a British tourist and researcher at the game reserve who told me that I could pursue a degree course in International Tourism and Hospitality management. He further told me that a degree in International tourism would not only offer me the knowledge that i would need to work in the tourism industry, also i could learn about animal and wildlife protection.

My interaction with the British tourist became the motivation I needed to want to study in the UK, her calmness and friendly approach as she answered my questions made me fall in love with the UK educational system.

When I am not fulfilling my academic responsibilities, I would be involved in athletics activities such as running and mountain climbing which have always been a part of me. I hope that my strong passion for tourism and the various skills I have learned through my involvement with tourism activities will serve as a valuable tool during my study. After graduation I intend to work briefly in the tourism industry anywhere in the world before proceeding for my Master’s Degree in Tourism management.

International Tourism and Hospitality PS2

Tourism and hospitality are a flourishing and fast-growing business in Africa, according to data from the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) it shows that Africa is the second-fastest growing continent in terms of tourism. In 2018 there was a 5.6% growth rate. Africa received around 5% of the estimated 1.4 billion international tourists in 2018. What this portrays is that there is a huge potential for the business of tourism and hospitality in Africa and this has formed the basis of my interest to pursue a career in International Tourism and Hospitality management.

I was born to a hotelier mother and an exported father, I have always been drawn into the business of hospitality, taking after my mother. I consider myself fortunate and lucky to have been born in a family that emphasizes value for education and in encouraging kids to pursue a career of their interest.

While I have learned quite a few about hotel management from my mother there is still much to be learned. My keen interest in traveling was very obvious in my growing up as I was intrigued about visiting new places and keeping photos and journals about my visit.

During my secondary school years, I joined a travel club. In my final year in secondary school I became the head of my school travel club. Through the travel club I was able to visit a lot of historical sites in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana and Togo. This also afforded me the opportunity to meet and interact with students from these countries.

After my secondary school I started work as a travel agent booking officer. This job further opened my eyes to the business of tourism and hospitality. As a travel agent booking officer, I came in contact with a lot of foreign travellers and tourists, who through them I gained meaningful insights about countries that I was dreaming of visiting.

The courses I have selected will enable me to develop a proper understanding of the business of International tourism and hospitality so that I will be prepared for future employment whilst enabling me to fully engage in, and enjoy, learning over the next three to four years. I enjoy socialising and also meeting new people and I am looking forward to the academic lifestyle and to the social aspect of university.

Studying in your school as a foreign student would also offer me the opportunity to take part in a residential experience offered by your school. This will be a chance to meet new friends and take part in a number of challenges which will help me develop strong problem solving and team working skills.

International Tourism and Hospitality PS3

A degree in tourism does not just provide one with the knowledge and the business of tourism, it also provides one with an empirical understanding of the relationship between activities of tourism, conservation and dwelling natural habitable. The need to forge a thorough understanding of these relations has become a drive for me to acquire a degree in the field of international tourism and hospitality.

I was born into a family who pay keen attention to educational development and academic excellence. My father is a history lecturer at a state university in my country, while my mother is also a proprietor of a private school. Coming from a household highly shaped by education I was determined to prove to myself and to my parents that I can attain success in my academic pursuit.

Whatever I am doing I strive to achieve my potential, whether studying, playing sport or undertaking work experience I fully commit myself to the tasks at hand. I believe that I am a dedicated student who has many interests, both of the academic and non-academic nature.

Over the years, I have developed interest in environmental conservation, tourism and wildlife. Though I have hoped to pursue a career in geography, along the line I came to discover that I derived more passion from tourism and hospitality. And coupled with the fact that a study in tourism and hospitality management would also afford me the opportunity to understand the relation between hospitality and natural environment, and how the former affects the later gives me great joy.

After my secondary school I have volunteered in various organizations that are concerned about sustainable development and resources management. I have also undertaken various online courses that relate to tourism and sustainable development.

Studying in your school will give me the chance to acquire an understanding of sustainable tourism and development as well as the organisational structure and management of the ever-expanding service providing sector. Tourism industry is a fast-growing business, with ever changing dynamics. Studying in your school would also give me a good understanding of the core areas of the business and management of the tourism sector with the ability to contribute at a regional, national and global level.

After obtaining my degree in International tourism and hospitality, i immediately want to enrol for a master’s course in any area related to sustainable development and resources management. And your school seems to be the perfect ground for my career pursuit as it offers Masters and PhD courses that are related to sustainable development and resources management.

International Tourism and Hospitality PS4

The desire to pursue a career in the tourism and hospitality sector has really interested me. This has become a part of my imagination since the very first day I visited the Obudu cattle ranch in Cross River state of Nigeria. I found the course rewarding and appealing because it opened my mind to the wider world and also working in the tourism industry offers a chance for me to easily combine two areas that have been of keen interest to me: travel and business.

Through my visit to the Obudu cattle ranch and some other tourist attractions in Nigeria, I have come to realize that the tourist and hospitality sector offers a wealth of opportunities to people with the right knowledge, skills and training. However, not many are aware of this huge opportunity and unlike many other sectors, the services offered in the travel, hospitality and vacation business cannot fail to excite me. I am happy at the possibility to understand this sector academically through studying it at university in preparation for a career.

I have developed interest and became an addict fan of a popular television travel program Goge Africa. I have also become an avid reader of different travel magazines and publications and this has helped me to focus my mind on the business aspects of tourism and hospitality.

After my secondary school, I worked in a travel consulting firm as a booking agent. I am responsible for booking destinations for travellers and also engaging potential holiday fun-seekers. During the period I worked as a travel booking agent, I gained insight into the business of tourism and I was more interested in the marketing aspect of tourism and what motivates people to travel.

I was also afforded the opportunity to visit a lot of tourism destinations in Nigeria. Generally, the experience i have gained through work has so far made me appreciate the huge opportunities that are available in the tourism and hospitality business. From economics to environment to management and marketing, this has in turn given me cause to look forward to the multi-disciplinary content of a degree in International tourism and hospitality management.

As a travel enthusiast, with an endless curiosity to discover new places, the tourism and hospitality industry is undoubtedly the sector I want to build a career. I see acquiring a degree in tourism as the ideal first step in making this goal become a reality. In furthering this goal, I have chosen your school as the most suitable academic environment to pursue my dream.

International Tourism and Hospitality PS5

Over the years my passion to cater for people and my love for travelling and tourism has grown wider, and I have developed strong passion and love for tourism and hospitality after attending different training and seminars that are related to tourism. Through these training, I have come to understand that there are serious challenges as it relates to poor management of tourist destinations in Nigeria. Poor attitude of tourism and hospitality managers in Nigeria has made the business less lucrative and this has called for an urgent improvement.

In preparation for the university, after I left secondary school, I worked as a tour guide in a travelling firm in Lagos. It was during this time I saw that there were a lot of problems that need to be addressed to help boost the tourism business in the country. I also gained experience in hospitality management. My personal experience and love I developed working as a tour guide in Lagos made me believe that I would be well suited to pursue a career in international tourism and hospitality.

Over the years I have been able to improve my understanding of the hospitality business and also developed other skills such as communication, interpersonal relationships and team work that would serve as an added advantage in my future dream as a professional hospitality service provider.

I have also understood that the tourism business is constantly expanding to cater for the needs of the traveller and their desire to go further more frequently. A degree in this course will keep me up to date with emerging trends and global issues, and also provide me with the experience and skills required to enter the industry at a professional level.

I strongly believe that a degree in International tourism and hospitality from your school would prepare me well for the task ahead and I would be exposed to a wide network of students from various countries, because your school has become the number one foreign student destination in the UK. I have selected your school to undertake my studies because based on statistics, the school is ranked among the top Uk university. The facilities for my course in your university are excellent and suit my needs.

Your school is also ranked among the best and affordable schools for foreign students in the UK. No university in my country offers International tourism and hospitality as a degree course, and the few schools that offer related courses lack the facilities to teach the course in detail.

International Tourism and Hospitality PS6

As an individual my major strength has been my good communication skills. I can communicate effectively with people and share my ideas to people at various levels, from family members, to my peers and teachers. I have developed an effective method of persuasion to get across my ideas and conclusions. This has made me an effective logical and methodical thinker; I am able to see the wider picture as well as the detail of the projects I work on. Looking at the modern challenges faced by tourism organisations, my skills to solve complicated problems would come very useful.

For two consecutive years during my senior secondary school I elected head of my school travel clubs. I was also part of the team that worked on various excursion trips embarked by students from my schools. The skills I learned during this period have helped me develop a spirit of teamwork and critical thinking.

I have also developed the skills and ability to deliver work and any tasks I am given, within a schedule, tight deadlines, in a time-pressured environment. I get through difficult periods by focusing on solutions rather than problems. These skills would prove very effective in pursuit of a career in tourism and hospitality.

International tourism as a discipline is unique, it is a fast-growing discipline especially in our ever-changing world where businesses and way of doing businesses are also evolving. It is important to note that the future of successful hospitality and tourism businesses lies in the ability of business managers to effectively and seamlessly provide services to travellers and tourists in a secured, friendly and fast way. A career in hospitality would afford me the opportunity to help achieve this goal.

I have applied to your university because I am greatly impressed by your school creed and the prospect developed for your students’ ambition. Your plans for your student development cut across a range of activities and for building an outstanding reputation.

On a visit to your school websites I was impressed by the outlined principles and how the graphics image present a friendly and informal learning environment, and also by the variety of learning approaches outlined not only emphasised the development of practical skills in observation, interpretation and information processing, it also give a clear perspective on how a student can be well develop to face the challenges that would be offer by the larger world.

As a student at your university, I am very positive and I can assure you that I will do my best to contribute to the growth of your esteemed institution and the course itself, by being actively involved in programmes and related activities.

International Tourism and Hospitality PS7

Obtaining a degree from a UK university has been a lifelong dream, not just because of the value and the global recognition placed on certificates from UK schools, but because UK schools provide one of the best learning environments for foreign students inclusive of student support and availability of well-advanced learning facilities. Over the years I have been fascinated by the high value place on students who have schooled outside the shores of Nigeria, especially those who schooled in the UK, US and Canada.

My name is Jessica Andrew and I was born in Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria. Calabar is often described as the Nigeria tourism paradise. I graduated from high school last year and I am looking to pursue a career in tourism and hospitality management. The reason for my choice of course is not far-fetched. My parents are also into the business of tourism and hospitality. My mother is an hotelier and my dad is a tour guide. My parents' occupation has influenced my hobbies and I have developed interest in traveling, adventurous, cooking, reading and swimming.

At my High school I have developed a strong interest in subjects like mathematics, English, Business Studies, Geography and Commerce. These subjects have all helped me to develop both myself and my understanding of what it takes to be a professional in the field of tourism and hospitality.

I have also learnt about the complexity and diversity of tourism and hospitality from my parents and I have gained a knowledge and understanding of various advertising and marketing methods.

The UK is one of the biggest hubs for international students for its globally recognized degree and quality of education that gives equal importance to theoretical knowledge and its practical implementation. The UK is also ranked amongst the highest destinations for international students in the world. To study in the UK is a life-long dream, I have been greatly fascinated by the level and quality of its education. This I have witnessed first-hand, as I have siblings who have also studied in the UK.

I also loved the fact that studying in your school would offer the opportunity to explore new areas of learning, which is vital in a field like International tourism and hospitality, where the dynamics are always changing. I have chosen your school because I find the tourism and hospitality course appealing and it gives emphasis to the business and management of a tourist and hospitality setup.

Studying in your school excites me because I am aiming to also obtain a Master's degree in hospitality after my degree and your school is among the few that offer it.

International Tourism and Hospitality PS8

I was born in Lagos Nigeria. My mother is a caterer and a restaurateur. She owns 3 restaurants, 2 in Lagos and 1 in Abuja. Through her I have understood the hospitality business and I intend to follow her path. However, because of the changing dynamics, the emerging trends and global issues it is very necessary to obtain relevant qualifications and degrees in the business of hospitality and tourism to enable you to prepare for the challenges of the future.

I have developed hobbies in catering, traveling and socializing. During my secondary school years, I was an active member of various social clubs and I was always coming top of my class in subjects like home economics and social studies.

From my young age I have developed interest in restaurant management and I have dream of owning a few. Through the challenges I have seen my mother constantly face to ensure that she caters for and meets the demands of her clients and customers, I have learnt and understood the basic skills and knowledge as it relates to hospitality. Though there was a need to learn the intricacies of the tourism business and this has formed the basis of my desire to obtain a degree in international tourism and hospitality management.

Studying in your school would provide me with an opportunity to meet with a wide range of foreign students and this would also afford me the chance to gain an appreciation of other people's cultures and way of life. I would also be able to understand and get adequate awareness about the positive and negative impacts of tourism on communities and local economic development.

With the ever changing dynamics of the business of hospitality, and meeting the demands of travellers and their desires to find comforts anywhere they travel to, obtaining a BSc degree in International tourism and hospitality focuses on recent trends, challenges and development that would equipped me with the skills to diagnose complicated problems as it's related to tourism, hospitality and restaurant management.

The course would also provide me with skills to implement plans and solutions to solving these problems and challenges as they may arise. And schooling in the UK would also provide me opportunity to learn and understand the way of life of the British people.

International Tourism and Hospitality PS9

In the world of today, tourism and hospitality are fast becoming a thriving business and having a qualification in Tourism and hospitality would be an open advantage. From an early age I have developed instinctive interest in traveling and business. This has greatly awed my parents who were amazed by my constant desire to accompany them on journeys. My most remarkable characteristic has been the ability to easily remember the place I have visited and also keep accurate details of these places.

Over the years I have also developed keen interest in learning and promoting new ideas, and this combined with my inner desire to reach a degree of excellence in every piece of work I perform, enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects travel, tourism and the business of hospitality. As I grew older my eagerness to go into the business of hospitality became visible. Though i was a bit confused on which area of degree that would suit my career growth.

And because of my confused state of mind, during my years in secondary school, I opted for science-oriented subjects, I later discovered that I was doing better in business and environmental related subjects such as, Commerce, Accounting, Home Economics and Geography. I was advised by the school education counsellor that I am well-grounded for a business-related course. This served as my transition to a business-oriented course.

I expanded my vision about business with a determination to pursue a future career in hospitality and tourism. As the years passed, my eagerness towards the type of career i wanted for myself got more and more specific, increasing my excitement to go deeper and deeper into my subject of interest to discover new ideas.

Studying for a degree program in your school will provide me with the great opportunity and privilege of being surrounded by people who share the same interests and ambitions goals. What this means for me is that I can discuss ideas and improve greatly.

I am a very sociable person who is easily relatable and this is obvious as it shows through my hobbies, which include skills to play varieties of sports, play multiple music instruments and dancing. I am open to challenging tasks and always ready to tackle them. I am very optimistic that the program will be able to provide me with that challenge and the satisfaction I will get from achieving it.

As a student at your university, I am very positive and I can assure you that I will do my best to contribute to the growth of your esteemed institution and the course itself, by being actively involved in programmes and related activities. A qualification in International Tourism and Hospitality from your school would put me in a very advantageous position to thrive in the hospitality business

International Tourism and Hospitality PS10

It gives me great pleasure and elatement to introduce myself as Chris. I am aspiring to become a successful hotelier and a tourism management expert. International Tourism and hospitality are a flourishing and fast-growing business in Nigeria as well in other parts of Africa and across the globe. This growth and boom in this industry can be attributed to numerous factors like: advancement of technology and emergence of the internet that has made the entire world a small global village, increased middle class income, availability of resources, and friendly government policies.

I consider myself fortunate to have been born in a family that emphasizes value for education and in encouraging kids to pursue a career of their interest. My parents have instilled in me the values of hard-work and determination and have led me to the right path always. My schooling days helped to carve me as a child with high dignity and moral values.

With the rapid growth and expansion in the business of international tourism, there is a constant need to improve on the demands of travellers through better hospitality and prompt service delivery. Though I was a bit sceptical of a career in International tourism because of the facts that most of my elder siblings were pursuing careers in fields of engineering and medicine.

However, after my secondary school, I worked as an attendant in a resort, where I learnt more about the business of tourism and hospitality. It was during my time working that I was able to make a firm decision to build a career in the hospitality and tourism business. My parents did not decline my choice of academic pursuit, offering their full support. With the booming business in international tourism and the constant need to meet demands of travellers and tourists. I found the career a very lucrative one.

Applying to your school to obtain a degree in International tourism and hospitality management is a great privilege. Looking at the challenges faced by tourism and hospitality organizations, your school pays close attention to how to overcome these challenges and I am willing to acquire this knowledge, by dedication to the academic standard of your school.


Finance and Accounting PS1

My interest in studying finance and accounting was stimulated by my constant desire to ensure accountability and accurate financial records. These traits I have exhibited from my early age as a young boy growing up in Lagos and I have received numerous awards for this. As an ambitious and dedicated student, I develop a strong passion for mathematics and accounting and I always come out top in my class. I am good at problem solving, I can easily adapt to different situations, I can manage time, I am self-confident and am great at handling pressure.

In my secondary school, I recognize the challenges posed by everyday academic work especially in an unpredictable learning environment. I have over the time learnt to adapt to these challenges and it formed the basis of my problem-solving skills. Which i believe would be useful in a career as tedious and brain tasking as finance and accounting.

Because of my desires to ensure that accuracy is put in place in whatever I do, I have participated in numerous activities and projects both in school and in my community. My participation in both school and community activities help me pick up some skills and knowledge which can be useful in the future.

During my secondary school I performed the role of the school time-keeper, and this gave me influence in making sure students come to school early, and teachers get to class at the appropriate time. I was also part of the school sports team and I took active part in all school activities. I was the team captain for the school female football team. During my time as a captain we won two medals (a bronze and a Silver) in the state female football tourney. I have also won medals in athletics.

After graduation from secondary school, I started work in a shopping mall as an attendant. Within the first 6 months I started work, I was promoted a cashier, after the management saw my accuracy with money. As a cashier, I worked closely with the accountant and the manager. Working with the organization accountant further increased my love and skills with finance management.

This also influenced my decision to want to pursue a career in finance and accounting, with the hope to put my passion for accuracy to work. I planned to go to school in the Uk, because it would present a healthy challenging environment, and opportunity to grow and learn.

Finance and Accounting PS2

My name is Grace, i am 17 years old. I hail from Oyo state but i was born in Abeokuta, Ogun state Nigeria, where i grew up and attended both my primary and secondary school education. The desire to study for a degree in finance and accounting was influenced by an accounting teacher during my senior secondary class. Her name was Mrs. Hassan.

Mrs. Hassan was a Hausa lady who taught accounting in my school, her friendly demeanour could melt a hardened heart. In Fact, it was her friendly demeanour that always made students flock around her and she won the heart of most students in my school. During my junior class i have always admired Mrs. Hassan for her calmness, mode of dressing and way of teaching. After our Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination as we move to senior secondary classes, students are distributed to classes based on their performance.

Those who performed well in science-oriented subjects were placed in science class and those who performed well in business related subjects were placed in commercial classes, and those who performed well in social and art related subjects were placed in art class.

Because of my performance in science related subjects, i was placed in the science, but i was not interested in the science class because i wanted to be in the class where i would be taught by Mrs. Hassan. When I got home, I cried all through the night and told my parents that I wanted to be in the commercial class. The next day my dad came to my school to see the school guidance and counsellor and told her how i wanted to be placed in the commercial class. After much discussion, the school management switched my class from science to commercial.

Within a short period, I was already the best student in accounting, because of my good knowledge in arithmetic I found book-keeping and accounting very interesting. Io also quickly formed a bond with Mrs. Hassan, whose classes i always enjoyed. Through her I learnt a lot about how one could pursue a career as an accountant. Aside from having great love for the accounting subject I was an active participant in athletics in the school. I have represented my school in various races such as the 100m, 200m and 400m relay. My hobbies include running, reading and swimming.

After my secondary school senior certificate examination, I graduated with good and exceptional grades and my over joyous parents promised me that they were ready to send me abroad to study for my degree. During the time I was waiting for my examination result, I volunteered in various community services where I developed and learnt about mentoring. I also volunteered as a teacher, teaching out of school children in communities across Nigeria.

After my degree in Finance and Accounting, I intend to pursue a master and a PhD because aside from working as an accountant, I also want to teach and mentor a large number of the younger generation. I hope that my application to your school would be considered as I hope to jump at the opportunities presented by your school.

Finance and Accounting PS3

It gives me great pleasure and excitement to apply to your school to pursue a degree in finance and accounting. My name is Esther Gideon. I am aspiring to become a successful chartered accountant. I came to know about chartered accounting when my cousin Grace came to stay with us in Lagos for a period of two weeks and this happened some years back.

Grace, an accountant, had come to Lagos to attend a training workshop at the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN). I was privileged to accompany her to the institute luncheon that took place after the workshop. I was greatly impressed by the formality I witnessed at the luncheon. Since then I have dreamt about becoming a chartered accountant.

In my high school I developed a love for arithmetic and accounting. I also took part in various social and sport activities in school. My hobbies include, reading, cooking, traveling and sport. In school work I was very confident and resolute when it came to decision making and I was made the deputy head prefect. I was also made to handle and coordinate some social projects.

My interest in accounting became very obvious, I would also consider myself fortunate to have been born in a family that placed a premium and emphasized value for qualitative education. My parents have instilled in me the values of hard-work and determination and have led me to the right path always. My schooling days helped to carve me as a child with high dignity and moral values.

After my secondary school, I travelled to Abuja, to spend some time with my cousin Grace, who is now an independent auditor. During my time with her I learnt a lot about accounting principles and auditing. She also sometimes allows me to go through some of the financial records she is working on.

My dream is to become a professional chartered accountant and auditor like my cousin grace. I am determined to study for a bachelor degree in finance and accounting at your university and i am very confident and sure that studying in your school would broaden my knowledge in accounting, auditing and finance management.

With the level and quality of the faculties in your university, I am sure that cases studies and workshops given at your university would further enhance my accounting knowledge by providing complex situations wherein i need to analyse the situation according to the accounting principle and then find a possible solution. Also because of my determination and desire to gain qualitative knowledge in the field of finance, auditing and accounting; I am keen to join your university.

Your university also stands out, in the non-academic areas, by providing students with opportunity to interact together, through a concentrated social engagement. Applying to your school to obtain a degree in finance and accounting is a great privilege. Looking at the challenges faced by businesses and organisations because of financial misappropriations, your school pays close attention to how to overcome these challenges and I am willing to acquire this knowledge, by dedication to the academic standard of your school.

Finance and Accounting PS4

At first, I thought accounting was like mathematics, I was sceptical about pursuing a degree in the field of accounting. However, over the years, I have come to realize that accounting was different from mathematics even though both make use of numbers and figures. To me accounting is the method of keeping accurate financial records and finance management. My name is Josiah James, I am from Nigeria and I was born into a family who gives serious concern to academic excellence and education. My dad is a qualified surgeon and my mother a university lecturer.

I am the first child of my parents and this automatically placed me in a leadership role, because I was mandated to look after my younger siblings when my parents were not around. This has helped me develop my leadership and coordination skills. Growing up I have always been interested in business and finance, partly because I was given the responsibility to always go to the market for shopping. It was my duty to ensure that I took records of what needed to be bought and what the family would need. My mother would only make a minor adjustment to it. My hobbies include cooking, reading, traveling and sport.

In my high school I was the football team captain, and I took active part in various sporting activities and I developed a keen interest in subjects like accounting, English, Business Studies, and Commerce. These subjects have all helped me to develop both myself and my understanding of what it takes to be a professional in finance and accounting. I have also learnt about the complexity and diversity of financial records from my neighbour who was an accountant in a local company. After my high school I started work in a local store as a sales assistant. I gather a lot of experience that would come handy working as a sales assistant.

I have chosen your school to study a degree in finance and accounting because I find the method of teaching appealing and it gives emphasis to the business management. Studying in your school excites me because I am aiming to also obtain a Master's degree in accounting immediately after my degree and your school provides an environment that could easily make me achieve such pursuit.

I also loved the fact that studying in your school would offer the opportunity to explore new areas of learning, which is vital in a field like business management. A degree in accounting from your school opens up a wider area of opportunity, aside from working as an accountant, one would be exposed to an array of knowledge in business management, auditing and insurance.

My desire to study in the UK is tied to the fact that the UK is one of the biggest hubs for international students for its globally recognized degree and quality of education that gives equal importance to theoretical knowledge and its practical implementation. The UK is also ranked amongst the highest destinations for international students in the world. To study in the UK is a life-long dream, I have been greatly fascinated by the level and quality of its education.

Finance and Accounting PS5

In my Early age I never hoped that i would have the opportunity to study outside the shores of my country but fate has been fair to me and here i am preparing myself to leave the shores of my country to study. Given the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom would be a lifelong chance and opportunity I would not wish to lose.

I was born into a middle-income family in Lagos Nigeria. My father is a chartered accountant that works as an accountant in an oil and gas company civil servant father and my mother is an event planner and caterer. Growing up in Lagos Nigeria, I have had an interest in business and money management.

This could be attributed to the fact my mother was a caterer and through helping her in her business of catering, I developed keen interest in business and also with the influence of my dad as a chartered accountant i understood the basic principles of money management and financial records keeping. My hobbies include cooking, teaching, traveling and learning.

Over the years I have used my hobbies as a source of income and my parents were quite impressed when I started making cookies which i would sell at school social events and in my community.

I attended a fairly expensive high school in the suburb of Ikeja, Lagos, my parents always strive to ensure they give the best to their children. Seeing their struggle, I was determined not to disappoint them and as such this has made me stay away from crime. After my high school I was selected among the best students from my school, after doing exceptionally well in my senior secondary school certificate examination. I came top in accounting class.

After my secondary school I became part of my mother's catering business. Aside from helping with the cooking, I was given the responsibility to take stock of items, handle purchases and keep records of all expenditures.

Working in my mother's business, brought me to the day to day management of money and I learnt why it was important to ensure accurate records. Studying for a degree in finance and accounting, would be very important to me. This would help me follow the footsteps of my dad as I have always dreamed of becoming a chartered accountant. Secondly, I have come to understand that understanding money management is very key to success in a business, and a degree in finance and accounting would not only provide you with the academic knowledge but how to apply the principle of money management to our everyday activities.

Studying in your school is a privilege I won't want to miss for anything. I have had the opportunity to interact with students who graduated from your school and I am very impressed by the information obtained. The friendly study environment is second to none. I am very positive that I would do my best to ensure that I make your school proud, as a student as well as an alumnus.

Finance and Accounting PS6

In my primary school Arithmetic has been my favourite subject and I always come top in my class and I have always been fascinated by numbers. As I grew older in life, I discovered it was not just that I am fascinated by the numbers and figures but I always want to give a proper and detailed account of how money was spent. When my other siblings would prefer ice-cream or toys, I would prefer to keep the money received as a gift in my piggy bank. This became very evident as I would take note of how much was spent in buying food stuff and groceries for the household.

By the time I got into the secondary school I was already drafting an expenditure budget for the family. I would make a list of what needs to be bought and carefully take note of what is not relevant. My parents were amazed by my money management skills and would sometimes seek my advice as it related to money management.

In school, I was very interested in accounting and came top in my class twice. During my time in secondary school I took part in various social and sport activities. But I was well known for my active participation in money management and my excellent performance in accounting.

After I graduated from secondary school, I started work in a supermarket as a cashier and a front desk officer. During my time working as a cashier I was able to learn alot about accounting principles that I have not learnt in school. This job also afforded me the opportunity to put into practices what i have learnt concerning book-keeping and how to enter ledgers. I also develop my interpersonal and communication skills.

My work as a cashier further heightened my interest to study accounting and finance in university. Finance is a subject that touches on all human activities and when not properly handled can lead to fraud and mismanagement. Starting from the government and policy makers, to household management and planning, finance is key. I have a good academic standing and records, and can promise to make a great success with a degree in finance and accounting.

Studying in your institution would help me prepare myself for the future, either to work as an independent business owner or to work in any organization or sector. The career options open to someone equipped with a degree in finance and accounting seem very huge and immensely diverse and very attractive. I have always dreamt of schooling in the UK, for the competitive advantage it provides to students.

Finance and Accounting PS7

My name is xxxxxx. I was born in Lagos Nigeria and I am privileged to have attended one of the best high schools in the state. I have always had a strong passion and love for businesses. However, coming also from a business-oriented family, I was greatly influenced by it. Since my primary school I have had a strong inclination toward a career in business and finance.

During my high school I have developed a love for business. With the help of my elder brother and finance from my dad I started an online business where I sells comics and books. My love for business encouraged my dad to set up a micro-blog site for me and my elder brother where we review and write about products that catch our fancy. At school I won an award for a young entrepreneur for my business ingenuity. I became interested in subjects like accounting and commerce.

After graduation from secondary school, I joined my elder brother in help in my daddy importation business. I would escort him to the Tin can Island Port at Apapa, to clear goods that were imported. My involvement in the family business exposes me to the principal of money management.

I have also undertaken various Google Africa online business courses marketing courses where I gained greater insight into digital marketing, SEO, Entrepreneurship, Free market economics and money management. My desire to study finance and accounting is firstly inspired by my love for doing business and secondly because of my love for money management.

I have selected your university to undertake my studies because it is ranked as one of the top reputable universities in the UK. all this information i was able to find out when the African representative of your school visited my high school. During his visit, the brochure of your school was distributed and I was wowed by the facilities present in your school. I still keep the copy of the brochure on my shelf as a souvenir and a reminder of my dream that I would one day study in your institution. Your school is also among the most affordable schools in the UK compared to other schools.

Studying in the UK is safe, and it provides a multicultural, friendly and harmonious society. The high quality of education in the UK is another added advantage and the qualifications from the UK schools are recognized by across the world.

Finance and Accounting PS8

Growing up I have always been fascinated about how business operates, especially the big businesses. My concern has always been how does this business affect the economy. I remember how I would sit over newspapers and focus my attention on the business side of it trying to decipher the index, graphs and figures. In my pursuit to understand the relationship between businesses and the economy. I fell in love with accounting and financial management. I was always intrigued by how the stock market operates. So, I always knew i was made for a career in business management or finance management.

In secondary school my best subjects were commerce, mathematics, accounting and economics. I always pay keen attention whenever the teachers are in classes, I would ask questions to make sure a point is made clear, this further expands my knowledge of the subjects. At home I would approach my neighbour who was studying accounting in the university and ask curious questions about the course and through him I learnt about the subjects that I needed to perform well on if I wanted to pursue a career in finance and accounting. I would sometimes borrow his accounting text books, which he gladly gave me.

At school I became the top of my class in accounting and commerce and the teachers were impressed by my knowledge in accounting and finance. What started as a curiosity to know how business operates, drove me to fall in love with finance management. I am also a football enthusiast and was part of my school football team.

After my secondary school I started giving home tutoring in accounting and mathematics on weekends and worked as a front desk attendant at an estate management company during the weekdays. Though working as a front desk attendant did not get me in contact with accounting in my daily activities, I was able to learn other skills such as customer relations and communication skills. However, I also learnt some principle of working in formal organization.

My desire to study for a degree in finance and accounting, have become a dream I am willing to pursue with utmost vigour and determination. Academically I have the drive and interest to enable me complete the course and acquire the degree. I am positive that a degree in finance and accounting would place me in a better position to operate business and properly and effectively manage finance.

When I am not operating a business a degree in finance and accounting would allow me to seek a job in a different organization. And to add to the benefit is that a degree from the UK and from a prestigious school as yours would give me a considerable advantage over a large number of job seekers because of the value placed on the degree from the UK.

Finance and Accounting PS9

If a prophet had told me earlier in life that i would be chasing a career in finance, i would have found it very difficult to believe because i have always wanted to follow the path of my dad and pursue a career as an educationist. I am a very outspoken person, who has picked interest in a wide range of subjects. I am an avid reader of books from novels, comics, magazines, and newspaper prints. It was very difficult for news or information to pass by without me knowing the details of such information or news. Most people saw me as a polymath because I can easily pick interest in a significant number of subjects and problems and look for a way to solve them.

In my secondary school, I was made the social prefect, with the responsibility to organize and manage the social activities that happen in the school. It was during my time as a social prefect that I started to develop likeness for finance and accounting. As the social perfect i took part in almost all the activities that took place in the school from excursions, to fundraising, to send forth. Some of the activities fell directly on my table, while others I was involved in because I have built a strong relationship with my fellow students and teachers.

In order to keep accurate reports on how funds were expended, I found interest in accounting, spending a better part of the break period going through how money was spent and how more funds could be raised. My diligence to duty made the school management announce me the best performing prefect during our valedictory service.

After i left secondary school i started work as a sales assistant in a confectionary store. My job at the confectionery store made me gain experience in how businesses manage money and I saw how the principles of finance management were applied in the real world.

Working as a sales assistant provided me the opportunity to handle large amounts of money, and see how targets could be met. I also learnt and understood the importance of setting and adjusting financial expectations based on a variety of variables. I also gained the opportunity to improve communication and teamwork skills, especially as it relates to business management. These skills allow me to maintain excellent relationships with customers and colleagues.

The skills I acquired working as a sales assistant and my continued curiosity to learn through reading, have helped me take up and manage other community development responsibilities, where I was entrusted with a large amount of money.

It would be a great privilege to be offered a place of study in your university. I know I am very passionate and thirsty for knowledge. I have over the years come to fall in love with finance and I am driven with determination to build a career in finance and accounting.

Finance and Accounting PS10

Helping my mother to run her cosmetic shop has made me develop love for money management and financial accuracy. My name is Martha James, I am 16 years old, i was born in Lagos and i have lived in Lagos all my life. Although I have visited my village in Anambra a few times.

My mother Mrs James owns a cosmetic shop, with different outlets located in the various areas in Lagos and the biggest of her shop is located at Balogun markets along Badagry expressway. Growing up I have always admired my mother for her strict business sense and she always tells us how she started her cosmetic business in 2006, after she lost her job at an oil company. My mother has always made us understand that money management played a key role in her business success and this I have learnt from her.

Because of my interest in money management at a very early age, I would save every single money that I was given in my piggy bank. By the time I was age ten I had saved enough money to allow me to buy a couple of shares from different companies through the help of my dad who was a share broker. I develop a strong passion for money management and investment. My attitude toward money became very obvious and I was made the financial secretary in my church teens forum. At school I developed a flair for subjects such as mathematics, accounting, commerce and economics and I scored the highest in accounting at my finals in the secondary.

After my secondary school i, started work at one of my mother's cosmetic stores as the account officer and stock keeper. It was my duty to ensure that the daily sales were properly and accurately entered in various ledgers. It was also my responsibility to ensure that stock taking is done daily and I was to send a weekly report to the general manager. Working at my mother's cosmetic shop, I was able to use the skills and knowledge I have learnt from my mom over the years. I also learnt a lot and developed knowledge in financial management and stock keeping.

I believe that my involvement in helping to run my mother's business has taught me a lot about organizational management and time management. I have also developed the ability to face difficulties, financial challenges and address them, without supervision and under pressure.

My passion for financial management and investment is the drive and the motivation I need to acquire a degree in finance and accounting. I believe that a degree in finance would prepare me for a future where I planned to open and manage my own business.


Aeronautical Engineering PS1


  • Airplanes and rockets have intrigued me for as long as I can remember. Even today, I look up whenever I hear one, admiring and thinking of all those people who made it possible.

  • "From a young age, I have always had a strong interest in airplanes. My grand-father was a mechanic and saw the aptitude in me at a young age. The moment I realized that I could mix my love of aircraft and maintenance into one career, that became my goal. I love what I do and have never looked back."

  • Taking up this course would allow me to combine the practical and theoretical aspects of flying with the fundamental principles of aircraft engineering.

  • At the end of my program I would be able to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge of maths, science, computer-based methods, design, the economic, social and environmental context and engineering practice to solve complex aircraft engineering problems.


  • I chose the University of Salford because it is one of the few universities in the UK offering this course, and from my own personal research I was impressed by the backgrounds and expertise of the academic staff teaching the course.

  • Course content is remarkably relevant and in line with modern trends in the field, especially for the fact that the tutors have practical experience.

  • The academic teaching style in Salford University is a tutor student interactive learning approach which allows the student to be 80 Participative in class activities.

  • Studying at Salford University offers an experience that goes way beyond the classroom. From day one we’ll help you build the real-world knowledge and transferable skills that employers look for in graduate recruits. And by the time I graduate I’ll feel confident and fully prepared to start my career anywhere in the world.

  • Learn from industry experts who bring their professional experience into the classroom.
  • Gain teamwork and collaboration skills by working on projects with other like-minded students.
  • Learn how to use specialist equipment such as radio and tv studio kit, a flight simulator, hospital and a real-time trading room.
  • Put your learning into practice, gain work experience and meet new contacts on your job placement. Recent placements include Rolls Royce, Nike, British Airways and American Express.
  • Create an online portfolio of your university experiences, work and skills to support your CV when you graduate.
  • Salford Manchester is a friendly and open city, and one of the liveliest and most diverse places in the UK to live and study.
  • Home to global organisations, ambitious entrepreneurs and creative and digital communities alike, Manchester attracts some of the brightest minds from all over the world. With a mix of cultures, nationalities and religions, you’ll soon feel at home here no matter what country or background you’re from.
  • Outside of your studies, Salford Manchester offers festivals, galleries, museums, street art, nightlife and a huge range of independent shops, cafes and entertainment venues.
  • The university buildings are located across Salford Manchester, and further along the new Engineering structure known as the “Newton Building” with state-of-the-art facilities.


  • Skills in math and physical science
  • Mechanical and technical skills
  • Writing and business knowledge
  • Analytical and critical-thinking skills
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Computer Mathematics


Firstly, the degree program is accredited by one or both of the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as fully or partly meeting the requirements for registration as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Chartered Engineer (CEng).

Drawing on an extensive expertise in aircraft design, materials, propulsion, environmental issues and industrial management, I believe that this course will equip me with a solid science and engineering base and the broader aviation knowledge vital for pilots in the 21st century.

I’ll benefit from the training facilities and expertise of a professional flying school as I undertake ten hours of flight training, achieve the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ground exam requirements for the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and develop the knowledge I require for commercial pilot ground exams. At the same time, I’ll gain a strong science and engineering base with modules on topics like aviation engineering materials I will also put this knowledge into the context of the aviation industry today and in the future.

I’ll be taught by expert academics and experienced professionals, which would allow me to develop the knowledge and professional skills to succeed in the aviation industry.

I will have access to the engine laboratories and state-of-the-art flight simulators, including an Airbus A320 airliner cockpit simulator. If I want to take commercial-level instrument training.


As a graduate, this course would make me set for a career in the aerospace industry. Job opportunities range from working on the design and manufacture of civil and military aircraft, to working with helicopters and jet engines. Aeronautic Engineering being one of the most challenging fields of engineering which deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defense systems. The course would enhance my career specializing on the designing, construction, development, testing, operation and maintenance of both commercial and military aircraft, spacecrafts and their components as well as satellites and missiles. These specializations may include areas like structural design, navigational guidance and control systems, instrumentation and communication or production methods or it can be in a particular product such as military air crafts, passenger planes, helicopters, satellites, rockets etc. Jobs for Aeronautical engineers are available with the national, international, public and private Airline Services as well as aircraft-manufacturing units.

Automotive Engineering PS2

I am a bright and capable student with a serious focus on my career ambitions. However, I recognise that an essential prerequisite for a successful career is an excellent education. My personal qualities include personal commitment to high standards. In respect of self-discipline and attitude to work, a proven ability to make good judgment be creative and innovative, as well as work well under pressure.

I consider enrolling on this course to be a major commitment and investment to my future, one that will not only help to fill my knowledge gap but will also provide me with a platform for the next step in my academic career. It is a degree which I feel will prepare me for success at the highest levels by equipping me with the specialised knowledge.

My favourite subjects at school have always been Maths and Physics and I love finding out how different things work. What excites me about Engineering over pure Maths or Physics is that you can use the science to design and build structures and machines which revolutionise the way we live.

Taking an Engineering degree would give me the skills to pursue my lifetime ambition, to be part of a team, being on the front line of innovation and creating ground breaking machines which will push the boundaries of speed and efficiency. Studying Mechanical Engineering at the university for a year has given me a solid foundation on this course, thus the reason I chose to enrol for a Year 2 entry in B. Eng Automotive Engineering at your school. After having seen your curricular programmes, facilities and international prestige I decided to apply because I have no hesitation that I have to get involved with all that knowledge and experience to achieve the assured future and highly promising career I have always desired.

Finally, I know the MPH program will be demanding, but I am ready to give it my best, for I am dedicated and hardworking to become an Automotive Engineer.

Mechanical Engineering PS3

To the ability to apply what I have learnt in the class room to the outside world, is an aspect of physics and math’s that I practically enjoy.

An example of this was being able to calculate the coefficient of friction between a book and a table by knowing the weight and measuring the angle which it started to move. Then using math’s we could model the situation and workout what will happen if the book was heavier or if we could change the angle of the table. This means practical application of pure science is at the heart of my interests of pursuing the degree in mechanical engineering. Math’s have long being a subject that are endure practically the logical approach to problems applying various techniques to difference situation. Further math’s has allowed me to develop my ability to tackle problems logically as well as further improving my adeptness with numbers.

Alongside developing my interests in the subjects through a better understanding of processes involved, taken physics has also given me the opportunity to better my skills in researching and analyzing data. I have enjoyed the experimental aspect where I have being able to carry out and devise experiment that demonstrate or makes used of the processes that we have being learning about.

My main interest in engineering lies with mechanical engineering steaming from my enthusiasm for cars and absolute passion for motorsport. This passion prompted me to take up go karting as a hubby and provides me with an opportunity to understand the complexity involve in modern machines. Even with something as simple as a go kart very slight changing, such as few degrees of toe in or minimal changes to the gear ratio, can have very significant effect on lap time and handling of the vehicle. Another appreciation I have gain from karting as well as reading motorsport literature is that handle of the vehicle is as important as engine power and I believe this idea is relevant in many aspect of engineering where many factors have to be considered.

Another interesting aspect that is present throughout the field of engineering is the intense competition the demand radical thinking and new concept from engineers in other to stay on top whether it is to increase efficiency in industry or make cars go faster. In perfect example of this was developing as a result of Professor Malcolm Smith from Cambridge University drawing parallels between suspensions system and electrical circuit. On releasing that suspension system had no equivalent to a capacitor his set about developing one. From this concept the J-damper was created for Maclaren and it is now use throughout the F1 grid.

Health Care


I always natured an interest in the health care profession and I also have a strong desire to work in an environment where I will be able to interact directly with patients.so I decided to a career in the field of pharmacy.

Before embarking upon a degree in pharmacy, I wanted to be aware of potentially what I will getting myself into for the rest of my life.so I decided to started visiting a nearby pharmacy store to discuss with the pharmacist, the pharmacist thought me a lot of things about the field that also helped in narrowing my interest into the field of pharmacy

Am not daunted by the prospect of university life, as matter of fact I am positively looking forward to it. Apart from enhancing my academic abilities I also see it as an opportunity to experience the vibrancy of the student life and to further develop my social and personal skills. ideally I will like to enroll on a degree program that is dynamic, clinically oriented and has strong links to the pharmaceutical companies. This is why I have spent a considerably amount of time looking for a suitable course by reviewing the many different universities and programs on offer. after a lot of searching am pleased to say that your institution meets all my requirement and appear and appear to me to be a great place to continue my high