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BRP Collection

Have you picked up your BRP? You received a BRP collection letter when your visa was issued. You must take that letter to the collection centre (Post Office/ Your school) along with your international Passport, address and contact number for pick up. And in situations where you have errors on your BRP, please, click the button below to inform UKVI

Apply for National Insurance

You are required to apply for national insurance if you intend to work in the UK. Our Help Desk team can offer you guidance on applying for national insurance. Our team is committed to helping you achieve your goals and ensuring your success, both in and out of the classroom. Please, note that applying for national Insurance is free. Do not make any payment to any online service 

Secure Accommodation

Have you secured your accommodation? You are expected to stay not more than 20 miles aways from your institution. Ensure to secure an accommodation. Check online for agencies that can offer you accommodation. Speak to our Help desk for further support.


You must book for accommodation before you arrive in the UK. We believe it may be challenging to secure accommodation before your arrival. That's why we offer resources to help students book Airbnb accommodations that are safe, affordable, and convenient. Our team is committed to finding the best deals and options for every student. We recognize that students have different needs and budgets and tailor our recommendations to ensure that each student has a positive and comfortable experience.

School Enrolment

Have you enrolled? You are expected to enrol for your course, and this must be done before the deadline. Your institution would have emailed you on the last date for enrolment. To avoid issues, you need to complete the enrolment process. Once you complete this, the institution issues your student ID card. When you get your student ID card, you must request your school's online access to see the student portal. Please speak to your school student desk. 

NHS Registration

On your arrival, you can register with the National Health Scheme by locating a general practice surgery close to where you stay. This is important for you to do. Incase you find yourself having any health challenges, you can easily call your GP for surgery or visit them for consultation. Use the link below to locate the closest GP clinic  and call them to register

Bank Account

Have you opened a bank account? Once you complete your registration, you will need to get a letter from your institution, indicating your address and identifying you as a student. This would allow you to open an account. Most banks would advise you do this online and then later come over to their branch to identify yourself. But in the meantime, you can open an online bank account with Monzo or Revolute.

Council Tax Exemption

As a student you are exempted from paying council tax. However, once you are able to secure an accommodation and also completed your enrolment in school, you are advised to request for council tax exemption letter which you would need to present at your local council or accommodation provider. 

Securing a Part-time Job

In order to secure employment, you would first need to apply for National Insurance and this process is free. Using the link you would need to complete the necessary information and apply for it. A reference number would be generated for you. The process of getting your national insurance number could take 4-6 weeks.


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Getting a UK Guarantor In securing your accommodation, most landlord or house aghencies would require you get a UK guarantor. You can speak to pour Help desk team to advise you on what to do.

Schooling for your Kids If your children are up to the age of starting school, you would need to register them with the council to enrol them into a school. The process depends on the various cities and councils. You may need to visit your local council website for information on this. You can also speak or email our help desk team for further support.

Securing a UK Job Obtaining a job in the UK most times have to be from the website. You would need to search online for available jobs through recruiotment agencies. But remember that you need to build a good CV as most employers would like to see your profile and work experience. You can also speak to our help desk team for further support.

Obtaining UK work reference Most employers would want to see that you have a UK work experience. We most times advose students to seek for voluntary work opportunities with any charity or organisations. You can do this for two weeks or more and this would help build you CV as well as assist you in obtaining a UK work reference.

Academic Challenges This is a major challenge many students face. It is important that when you are struggling to meet up with your academic work, ensure to raise this issue with your faculty or course leader. Do not wait until the late hour which may result in failing your course or that specific module.

Meeting up with tuition fee payment plan Some institutions offer students payment plan for their balance tuition fees. Please, it is important that you meet up with this arrangements. Where you know there may be challenges in meeting up this arrangement, please, ensure to send an email immediately to the finace department and inform them on this. Do not ignore and this may impact you. The school can decide to withdraw you from activ=e study.

Travelling for holiday A student can travel for holiday to any part of Europe or America during off term. You would need to get a visit visa and this must be doen on time. feel free to contact us for further support

Inviting family members You can invite your family members to come for your graduation ceremony or visit you in the UK. Contact us for further support.

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