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PG Personal Statement Samples


Introduce yourself, starting with your name. Furthermore, tell the reader about your background on a brief note.

Talk about your interest in life and where you would like to be in a few years. Talk about your hubby or what you love to do

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Tell the reader why you have decided to undertake that course and what you intend to achieve at the end of that program. Also, mention your future ambition, what you intend to do or where you would want to secure employment. Ensure to elaborate on this part.

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Talk about your academic qualifications and why you decided to obtain those qualifications. Talk about any IT knowledge or skills you have attained

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Tell the ready why you chose to study in that institution and why you feel the institution is better than other institutions. Talk about the academic achievements of the institution as well as the infrastructure. Show an in-depth understanding of the institution you intend to attend.  

Furthermore, talk about why you prefer to study in that country other than any other country

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Please, note this is supposed to be a guide. You are not expected to copy for submission as this would result to plagiarism

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