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Unlimited Audience, in One Platform

Our Consultants play a vital role in the supply of essential information to our potential students that would assist them in making a decision

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How it Works

Meet our consultants all-in-one solution for efficient support

Study Abroad Experts that offers you a simplified process

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We Merge the 
Process in an easy way

We Save
Time and Attain Results

Smart University Placements

We help student clear their doubts about an institution.​  Jokings Educare offers students an opportunity to meet the delegates of various Universities/ Colleges. We offer you a well guaranteed process to ensure your dreams are actualised

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Why Jokings Educare

Professional Experts

Easy sorting

Our Professional consultants 

We have unique and well-trained consultants who would offer you professional support and ensure efficient University admission into one of our partner institutions

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Smart Student Coversion

Amongst all students who have made enquiries through our firm, we have been able to convert above 80% of them due to our unique process. In 2021, 82% of students making enquiries accepted to work with our consultants

Performance-based support

Dynamic Professional support

Conversation Between Colleagues

What else do we do?

At Jokings Educare our support to students comes from diverse areas


Scholarship support

Trip Planner

Student Visa Support


From Students admissions to student visa success, they have it all.

We give special attention to you, highlighting the areas essential for a well-presented education structure, assisting with all the admission documents like Letters of Recommendations, the Statement of Purpose, etc

Our dynamic Student Visa support consultants would assist you in ensuring that you are able to make your visa application professionally and efficiently.

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Our Clients

Why Students  like Jokings Educare

Outstanding Consultants

There are educational consultants and there are agencies. Jokings Educare is an educational consultant. They don't just obtain admissions for you but advise you critically on your course of study. This firm is the best and I am proud


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