Indoor promotion: We display Certificates of Representation and posters at suitable locations in the offices. prospectuses and other informational material are made available to students so that they can come to know about you and your courses. We also have facilities of C/D ROM and video viewing.

Advertising advice: We do also advise our client institutions on a systematic advertising schedule, campaign and budgeting; Selection of media and frequency of advertisements. It helps them to be successful in our market.

Student Counselling: We provide all information needed to your prospective students, regarding tuition fees and costs of living, entry requirements, application procedures and other relevant information. We also reply to any queries made by them regarding your institution or programs. We do send reports on such sessions if required by the institute.

Follow-Ups: Data collected in response to advertisements, seminars, meetings etc is properly managed and we constantly follow up students by writing them letters about you and calling them on the telephone to help them make a decision about studying at your institution or college.

Support during Education Fairs and Seminars: Our staff is always ready to support you at education fairs, exhibitions, seminars and other functions participated by your institution.

Making New Proposals: We suggest new proposals to the institutions for promoting their educational products and also suggest new courses of study according to market demands.

Bringing advantage to your Potential: Exploring market potential for institutions and establishing links with local colleges to create a broad recruitment base. Our strength lies in our comprehensive knowledge of the local education industry and our close links with local institutions. We are highly regarded as an education consultancy; offering besides, promotion and recruitment support, market insights, which are valuable for overseas institutions seeking to establish links with local institutions.

Image Building: Jokings Educare gives top priority to image building of its partner institutes. We persuade our prospective students and local community by telling them why they should choose your institute. It is done during advertisements, presentation sessions, and student counseling. We also upgrade profiles of the institutes and keep our information current about the new courses or attractions being offered by you.

  • Facilitating your office abroad: 

  • Assist the institution during-visit arrangements

  • Scheduling your staff appointments with the students

  • Provides information needed to families, sponsors, and parents for making informed decision

  • Additional arrangement for community orientation, information, and assistance

  • Pre-assessment of Prospective Students

  • Offering Market Updates to institutions

  • Organizing and arranging  Seminars for institution

  • Supporting institutions during Education Fairs and Seminars

  • Making New Proposals to assist institutions: 

The following are the various other advantages that the universities / Colleges can have alongside if affiliated with Jokings Educare:

Presentations: We frequently visit selected local institutes, giving presentations about the institute/institutes which can be of interest to the students.

Our education Consultant plays vital role in the supply of essential information to our potential students that would assist them in making a right choice of institution.

Stdeunts can join our post qualification job recruitment database where wide range of international and national companies select the right people for vacant positions within their organisation. We would help you build your career.

We have well trained Visa advisors that would guide the students obtain Visa to the country where they intend to study. We obtain current changes in various national student visa updates.

We've got wide knowledge of various markets and how these students could be reached using our enahced application of CRM

Continuous advertisements through social media as well as well as local magazines and newpapers. 

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