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University of Sunderland - available scholarship

Academic Excellence Scholarship 2018-19 (free accommodation for one year) that we are promoting for Semester one starters in September and October 2018 at the Sunderland Campus. This year we would like to utilise this scholarship to attract high-performing students, therefore please note the higher IELTS and academic requirements needed in order to secure the scholarship.

Please note that the accommodation will be in Clanny House and an upgrade to Scotia Quay is no longer available. We have very limited numbers available therefore, having considered each request from the offices, please find below the number of scholarships available for your market:

· Africa – 12 Academic Excellence Scholarships

Please send through any names and application numbers of students that are interested in the scholarship. I know some of you have previously sent through requests regarding this, however may I ask you to reaffirm names to ensure that we have all interest students confirmed.

We hope to get more scholarships in the future, however, please work to the above numbers in the interim or request for any extra to be added to the waiting list.

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