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Year long work placement - De Montfort University

De Montfort University is offering placement offer on all their on-site ADH UG degree programmes except MDes and BA Architecture have the opportunity to complete a yearlong work placement. This UG placement is available between years 2 and 3 of a degree programme.

We also have an opportunity to complete a year long placement in selected PGT programmes (from 2019 entry) as detailed below.

MA English Language Teaching MSc Cultural Events Management MA Fine Art MA Interior Design MA Fashion & Textiles MA Fashion Management with Marketing MA Design Innovation MA Design Management and Entrepreneurship MSc Architecture & Sustainability MA Product Design MSc Textile Design, Technology and Innovation

This will also be included in the validation of MSc International Urban Design. This PGT placement will normally take place between semester 2 & 3.

All our placements are optional and give the opportunity to gain a work placement. They don't guarantee a placement and being able to take one is subject to the student successfully gaining a yearlong placement which appropriately meets our placement requirements in terms of quality of experience. There are also certain academic parameters which the students need to meet.

I can provide more details on the nuances if you wish but this gives some 'top line' information

Contact Jokings Educare - Henry +234 803 940 4064


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