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We educate resourceful and adaptable architects who are able to respond creatively to the demands of a complex and changing environment.


This 5 year programme is a non-accredited route which follows the same structure as MArch Architecture, and may suit international students who do not wish to register as architects in the UK.

The first three years (part 1) are designed to build basic knowledge and skills in Design, Communications, Architectural History/Theory and Sustainable Technology. Each year culminates in a major integrated design project which draws these parallel threads together.

The final two years (part 2) offer more opportunities to choose a programme of study which suits your emerging interests as a maturing designer. At level 4 you will choose an integrated design project from a series of offered options, and also select a ‘design research’ theme which leads into final year unit studios. These studios give you the opportunity to develop individual thesis projects which specialise in the aspects of architecture that most interest you.

Students at part 2 also have the opportunity to choose MArch with Urban Planning – this route leads to qualification as a chartered town planner as well as a registered architect.

The cornerstone of our teaching is our vibrant studio culture. While we are part of a university, we’re also situated in an art college which means we benefit from both excellent facilities and a highly creative atmosphere. Design tutorials and the majority of learning takes place in the architecture studio where you’ll be encouraged to work in a ‘hands-on’ way developing and testing your ideas through drawings, models and prototypes. You’ll work in small studio groups and on a one-to-one basis with experienced tutors, who are often also practicing architects, providing a supportive learning environment which fosters a spirit of independent enquiry and individual enterprise.

We treat our surrounding city and landscape as a ‘live-lab’, asking you to engage with real places and real design problems from the outset. We focus on designing buildings and environments which respond to the needs of people, creating innovative architecture, spaces and places that are grounded in an understanding of culture and context.

We welcome applications for direct entry to part 2 (level 4) from students who already hold a part 1 (or equivalent) qualification in architecture.

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