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70% Unicaf Scholarship to study online Bachelors degree at University of Suffolk

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

We are reaching out to introduce you to our brand new UK Bachelor's degree programmes with the University of Suffolk online with a 70% Unicaf Scholarship.

Unicaf substantially reduces tuition fees with generous scholarships; and also offers customized payment plans so students can pay in small monthly instalments. Students can state what they can pay conveniently monthly and the student adviser will create a payment plan. So, if a student wants to pay the lump sum, the tuition fee per year will be 3,600 GBP. (This is 12,000 GBP initial cost -70% Unicaf Scholarship.)

If the student wants to pay in instalments, there will be a small increase due to the service charge.

Unicaf is a global delivery partner of the University of Suffolk, which recruits, admits, enrols and supports online learners to University awards approved for distance online delivery. On successful completion, graduates will receive a University of Suffolk award.

The partnership between the University of Suffolk and Unicaf brings together the resources and capabilities of both organisations to offer innovative learning solutions and programmes which are delivered fully online to the needs of a wide range of professionals.

Interested, eligible individuals can apply for the following programmes available through Unicaf


Installment Amount

Installments Number

Payment plan type





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Please, kind contact me


Dec 06, 2022

Does a student need to complete their studies first?


Dec 06, 2022

This is great news.

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