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International Grant Award- University of Gloucestershire

We will continue to offer our International Grant Award of £2000 to self-funded full-time students studying on campus. Please visit our funding page for full details on eligibility.

Please note that our IUS/IPS Scholarships for the 2023/4 academic year have now all been allocated, so we are unable to offer scholarships for January 2024 entry. The next application cycle will be for September 2024 entry – applications will open from February 2024. Details to follow on the website.

Application Deadlines

International Applications for January 2024 are now open. The application deadline is 3 November. Please submit applications via the agent portal so that they will be tagged to your agency.

If you have students who could not accept their place or progress to CAS stage in time for September 2023 intake and are still interested in University of Gloucestershire for January 2024, please contact the Admissions Team at

The CAS request deadline is 30 November and the halls accommodation deadline is 8 December.

Please see the list of available courses for January entry below:

MBA [Masters Stage] Business Administration

MSc Data Science

MSc Engineering Management

MSc Financial Technology

MBA Global Business Administration - please see all the specialist routes here

MSc Human Resource Management

MSc [Masters Stage] Human Resource Management

LLM International Business Law and Management

MSc International Business

MSc Marketing

MSc Mechatronics Engineering

Upload you documents for admissions. Ensure to comment that you are interested in University of Gloucestershire scholarship

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