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Mark Your Calendar: Key Dates for University of Dundee's September 2024 Intake

To have the best chance of progressing to the CAS stage and getting your visa to be able to matriculate and join your classes on time in September 2024 you must complete the tasks below before the following dates.

By Wednesday 7 August 2024 you must have:

met your academic and English language conditions (conditional offer-holders only).

By Wednesday 14 August 2024 you must have:

paid your minimum tuition fee deposit and uploaded proof of payment to eVision. We strongly encourage you to do this as soon as possible to give time for the payment to clear into the University's bank account before 14 August.

uploaded bank statements to eVision. These statements must show you have held the funds to cover your remaining tuition fees and the required amount of money to support yourself in your bank account for a minimum of 28 consecutive days.

By Monday 26 August 2024 you must have:

Had approval of your pre-CAS check. Our in-country team will check your documents and then contact you for a short interview. We will send you more details of what is required when you become Unconditional Firmly accepted. We can't go ahead with issuing your pre-CAS checklist until these final checks have been completed.

By Wednesday 28 August 2024 you must have:

reviewed and submitted your pre-CAS checklist.

The last date the Admissions Team will issue a CAS for September 2024 entry is Friday 30 August 2024.

It is important that you complete these tasks as soon as possible before these dates to give yourself the best chance of being able to join us in September 2024. If we come close to filling our places on courses for September 2024 we may not be able to guarantee that we can progress your application to the CAS stage even if you meet these deadlines.

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