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Scholarship Opportunities- Study at Uclan

UCLan is based in the north west of England and has been in existence since 1828. The university is ranked as number 4 in the north west of England for providing student support & the university has also been ranked number 36 in the UK in terms of concern for its student mental health.

The Campuses are located at: Preston, Burnley and Westlakes ( and a Cyprus campus included)

They have a partner institute at Mauritius & china allowing students to obtain dual certificate upon graduation from both institution.


UCLAN offers £3000 scholarship to student with first class and every student is given £1000 scholarship.

For first class student £3500 (Sept 2024)

Foundation £4000

Undergraduate £4000

Entry requirements:

They accept 2.2 for most of their courses and 2.1 is strictly for social work courses

Msc Pre-registration nursing is not opened for international student

Nursing Student with a Bsc and license are allowed to study Msc Nursing for intl student.

For Medicine - they no longer accept direct WAEC for foundation courses.

Students are now required to take A level for international student and the student must pass the school MMI interview


Accomdotaion Ranges from £83 per week for the student accomdotaion.

Note: The university launched a new agent portal for applications, so both the agent and student can get notification or update regrading the application through the portal.

The turnaround time for application is 2weeks.

Upload you documents for admissions. Ensure to comment that you are interested in the UCLAN scholarship

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Oct 14, 2023
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Nice people


Kingsley Ibeji
Kingsley Ibeji
Sep 27, 2023
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Great Team

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