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Are you looking to advance your career and gain practical work experience while studying? The University of Hertfordshire offers a variety of programs with a one-year work placement that enables students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

1. **Business Administration**: This program equips students with the necessary skills for strategic decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership. With an integrated year in industry, students get first-hand business experience.

2. **Computer Science**: A course designed to help students understand the core concepts of computing and develop strong technical skills. The placement year provides an opportunity to work on real-world projects in reputable tech companies.

3. **Pharmaceutical Science**: Students learn about drug discovery, development, and delivery while gaining valuable industrial exposure during their placement year.

4. **Mechanical Engineering**: This program combines academic rigor with practical application through its one-year industry placement component.

5. **Psychology**: The psychology program at the University of Hertfordshire is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). It includes a one-year professional placement giving you invaluable insights into psychological practices in real-world settings.

6. **Marketing Management**: Learn marketing strategies, consumer behavior analysis, brand management along with hands-on experience during your work placement year.

7. **Nursing (Adult)**: Gain clinical expertise alongside theoretical learning in this nursing degree program which includes a mandatory work-placement period.

The University of Hertfordshire is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty members and supportive environment conducive for learning and personal growth. With our one-year work placements across various programs, we ensure our graduates are well-equipped to face future career challenges head-on.

Embrace this golden opportunity


MSc Finance and Investment Banking

MSc International Business

MSc International Tourism, Hospitality and

Event Management

MSc Strategic Marketing with Digital Media

Management - Extended (Sandwich)

MSc Strategic Marketing with Global

Business Development - Extended


MSc Strategic Marketing with Brand

Leadership - Extended (Sandwich)



MA Education



LLM Business Law

LLM Criminal Justice

LLM Intellectual Property and Information Law

LLM International Commercial Law and Arbitration

LLM International Human Rights Law

LLM Master of Laws


Creative Arts

MA Journalism and Media Communications

MA Public Relations and Digital



Life and Medical Sciences

MSc Cancer Immunotherapy

MSc Drug Discovery and Toxicology

MA International Relations

MSc Medical Microbiology

MSc Molecular Biotechnology

Master of Public Health

MSc Transport Planning


Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

MSc Advanced Computer Science

MSc Artificial Intelligence with Robotics

MSc Astrophysics

MSc Computer Networks and Systems


MSc Cyber Security

MSc Data Science

MSc Data Science and Analytics

MSc Software Engineering


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