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University of Portsmouth Unveils Tuition Fees & Scholarships for 2024/5

September 2024 and January 2025 fees:

All International Tuition Fees are now frozen at the 2023/24 levels and will not increase for 2024/2025. Course fees range from £16,200 to £19,200 and can be viewed on our website course web pages.

Fees for our most popular Masters courses have been realigned to the fee level for the courses in that faculty so that there is a consistent fee level for all students in that faculty

MSc Business Management - now £17,900

MSc International Business Management - now £17,900

MSc Project Management - now £17,900

MSc Financial Technology - now £17,900

MSc Biotechnology - now £19,200

These fees will be shown on our website in February.

Our full-time on-campus One-Year Bachelors Top-Up Courses fees have been realigned to £16,200.

The courses they apply to are as follows:

BA (Hons) International Trade And Business Communication

BA (Hons) International Business Communication (Top Up)

BA (Hons) International Trade And Business Communication (Top Up)

BA (Hons) International Business Communication

BA (Hons) International Trade, Logistics And Business Communication (Top-Up)

BA (Hons) Finance With Business Communication (Top-Up)

BA (Hons) Business With Business Communication (Top-Up)

September 2024 Scholarships:

In line with the above, we have also revised our scholarship offering to be able to offer a more affordable course fee level for students who qualify for the scholarships.

Chancellor's Global Academic Merit Scholarship increased from £3,000 to £5,000

Vice Chancellor's Global Development Scholarship increased from a £1,600 automatic fee reduction to £2,500.

Please note, that the above applies to courses delivered on the Portsmouth campus only and is applicable for self-funded, international fee-paying students

By the end of January, we will be sending all existing 2024/25 offer holders an updated Offer Letter showing their new fees.

New courses

We have some exciting new courses being launched this year and an announcement will be due out by the end of this month. Contact Us

House 7, 200 Road,

Festac town,

Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +234 703 813 3615

Mob: +234 704 925 5635

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