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Unlock Your Future: Astonishing Scholarships and Discounts Await in September 2024 at Aston University

Launch of discounts and scholarships for 2024

We are pleased to announce our discounts and scholarships for September 2024 including the Aston Award worth up to £10,000.

How does the award work?

The £10,000 Aston award is for our taught MSc and MA postgraduate courses and combines an Automatic Early Acceptance discount of £3,000 plus one Aston Award scholarship (highest eligible value) worth up to £7,000.


Automatic Early Acceptance Discount - £3,000

We are offering all students an automatic £3,000 discount, if they accept their place and pay their deposit by the deadline stated in their offer letter, which should be six weeks from receiving their offer. There is no need to submit a separate application for this discount, it will appear as a fee reduction when they enrol onto their course.

Aston Award Scholarships

Automatic Merit Scholarship - £3,000

We aim to attract the brightest and best students to our practical, industry-relevant degrees. If your students achieve the equivalent of a UK upper second class (2:1) degree, they will automatically receive a £3,000 scholarship. There is no need to submit a separate application, their eligibility will be assessed by our admissions team when their application is reviewed.

Automatic Healthcare Innovation Scholarship - £4,000

Aston University is at the forefront of healthcare innovation and committed to transforming the delivery of care to patients worldwide and improving patient outcomes.

We are offering automatic scholarships of £4,000 to students wishing to study on one of the following courses:

  • MRES Biosciences

  • MSc Neuroscience for Drug Discovery

  • MRES Neuropharmacology

  • MSc Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Automatic Revolutionary Technologies Scholarship - £5,000

Emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, and smart manufacturing are rapidly changing the world around us. From the way we travel to the way we work, these technologies have the potential to transform our lives.

We are offering automatic scholarships of £5,000 to students wishing to study on one of the following courses:

  • MSc Future Vehicle Technologies

  • MSc Robotics and Autonomous Systems

  • MSc Smart Manufacturing

Automatic Global Solutions Scholarship - £5,000

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and interdependent, the need for effective global solutions to pressing challenges becomes more evident. Crisis management, Cyber Security, business development, and sustainable operations are four key areas where global cooperation and innovation are crucial.

We are offering automatic scholarships of £5,000 to students wishing to study on one of the following courses:

  • MSc Business Enterprise Development

  • MSc Cyber Security Management (launching for September 2024)

  • MSc Crisis and Disaster Management

  • MSc Sustainable Business Operations

Sir Adrian Cadbury Chancellor's Scholarship - £7,000

Applications for the Sir Adrian Cadbury Chancellor's Scholarship will open in late January 2024.

The Sir Adrian Cadbury Chancellor’s Scholarship comprises of a £7,000 fee reduction and exclusive opportunities for networking and self-development, including opportunities to meet VIP business leaders, attend exclusive events with the Vice-Chancellor Professor Aleks Subic and attend games at Aston Villa FC.

To be considered for this scholarship students must submit an application in the form of a one minute video, introducing themselves, and explaining why they should be considered for the scholarship.

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