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This is a reputable International University with so much to offer an international student and is in DUNDEE, which location is on the east coast of Scotland where you be surrounded by a friendly multicultural community. DUNDEE offers a learning atmosphere that is created to help you reach your best potential with their knowledgeable teaching team and cutting-edge facilities, They have a team of staff that will assist you getting on the right professional route so you can gain an advantage in the job market. You will also have the chance to work with a strong student support team for your welfare and academic goals.

  • CITY: The university is in Dundee in Scotland. Known as the city of discovery, it is the fourth largest city in Scotland. The city has been recognised as one of the safest cities in Scotland. It also has great transport system and links to other places and cities in the UK. It also boasts of having historic buildings and structures. There are online/remote opportunities in this city for students like customer service, online tutors, and regular jobs with agencies for healthcare assistant, warehouse operatives and cleaning roles.
  • TUITION: The university has an average tuition fee of £20,000 for postgraduate international students with discounts and scholarships available for students. This figure is susceptible to further change based on course and entry time.
  • STANDARD OF LIVING: The city is one of the most affordable student destinations. Rent in Dundee is, on average, 49.19% lower than in Cambridge. The average cost of a single room in this city is £400 per calendar month while the average cost of a 2-bedroom house or flat is £600 (this in turn is also dependant on whether it is furnished or unfurnished). With the current world change and rise in Inflation most areas have experienced an increase in price. For example, cost of housing, feeding and most basic amenities like electricity and gas prices have gone up.
  • BRIEF: The university is known for its great support for career and student employability both during and after study. It is ranked highly in the UK as a whole and top in most courses.

University of Dundee

£20.900,00 Preço normal
£13.900,00Preço promocional
    The minimum requirement for an international student to be able to gain admission directly is at least a WAEC level Certificate with one Grade of an A at least and no grade lower than B,Diploma from a Federal University with a minimum of lower credit. Ordinary National Diploma (OND)/Advanced Diploma can be considered for Level 2; Higher National Diploma (HND) for Level 3, Equivalent study from bachelor's degree course can be considered for Level 2 or 3 entry

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