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What are the academic requirements that I need to study in the UK?

There are several documents required from various schools to undertake either a program in the Uk. You may any of the following; International Year 0, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD. See list of documents required.

How long can it take your agency to secure an offer letter from UK University?

This depends on the institution and also the nature of the program you would be undertaking. Most institutions offer admission between 2 days and 14 days. As for PhD or research programs, it could take as long as 6 weeks

Can a student get direct year 1 into a UK University?

There are two or three schools in the UK that can offer a student with High school result a direct year 1 admission. Coventry University, Bedfordshire University and Hertfordshire. Note that the student’s high school result must be very good (WAEC/ NECO and for other countries High school diploma)
Note that many other school will insist that the student undertake a foundation program known as International Year 0 before they progress to year 1.

Who are pathway providers?

Pathway providers are higher education institutions that provide a foundation or pre-Master programs for Universities. Some of them are Oxford International, Holmes Education group, Cambridge Education, INTO, STUDY GROUP, MWP And NAVITAS (Please, note we no longer work with NAVITAS

Can I get direct Master program with my HND?

All Universities in the UK insist you must have a degree with a minimum of 2.2 to be able to undertake a Master degree program. So with your HND you may need to start with a one term or terms pre-Master program

With my OND or HND can I apply for a Bachelor degree in the UK?

Yes with an OND you can apply for a direct year 1 program in the Uk without going through a foundation program. While with your HND you can apply for a top up which enables you to obatin a Bachelors degree. This program is done for one year.

Must I provide all the documents before I am giving an admission?

It is important to provide all documents to enable us sevure an offer for you. Some schools may accept some of your documents before they grant you a conditional offer. While other must insist on you providing all the documents. We advice you try and get all the documents as this makes the process easier

What is an academic reference letter?

This is a reference letter written by an academic staff in your previous scholl acknowledging or making a recommendation for you. Being that you intend to undertake a program, you require a letter from your previous lecturer or academic staff of your school supporting your intentions for further studies

Can I see samples of academic reference letters

SAMPLE 1 Re: REFERENCE -MR/ MiSS/ MRS I am writing to support Shaheed Hassan’s application for the Business Computing programme in your institution. I have known Mr/Mrs/Miss XXXXXXXXX since October 2016. He was highly dedicated to his studies while in school. Shaheed regularly contributed to class discussions, and I have seen many opportunities for students to learn from what he has to share. Shaheed has demonstrated a very good level of performance, typically achieving good grades for assignments. As well as achieving in his own academic studies and WAEC. I am confident that Shaheed has the ability and mindset to achieve at the undergraduate level, and that he has the right value set for the Business Computing profession. I look forward to seeing how his career develops. Kind regards, Sign: Mr XXXXXXXXXX Tutor SAMPLE 2 International Admissions De Montfort University Leicester REFERENCE -MR/ MiSS/ MRS I write to state that I have known the above named candidate during her undergraduate program in Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo. The candidate is a hardworking young lady full of potential. He/She has the ability to undertake a postgraduate program and can work hard with little or no supervision. Her English communication skills are quite recommendable. He/She likes to work in team and a motivational fellow. I have no regrets recommending her for further studies in your reputable institution because I believe that he/she will do better. Name: Lecturer/ Supervisor

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement supports your application to study at a university or college. It’s a chance for you to articulate why you’d like to study a particular course or subject, and what skills and experience you possess that show your passion for your chosen field. It is aunique to every individual and has no specific way or format; Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Take into consideration the course descriptions and identify the qualities, skills, and experience it requires – you can use these to help you decide what to write about.
  • State why you want to apply for the course and include your ambitions as well as why you are interested to take the subjects
  • State what makes you suitable for the course and how it could help you achieve your dreams, increase your skills and enhance your career
  • You can also include any clubs or social societies you belong to
  • State any relevant work experience you habve attained
  • mention why you have chosen to study in that school and what you intend to do when you graduate

Can I study part time in the UK?

An International students must apply for a student visa. You can only apply for a student visa if you intend to study a full-time degree course in the UK. Student visas are not issued for part-time courses. This apparently means that to undertake a part time course then it has to be through a student visitor visa and you would not be entitled to work

Can I apply for another Masters programs as I have completed an MSc in the UK?

Yes you can apply for an MBA after ypour MSc or also an MA. Some schools accept students who have completed theior MSc to another Master Porgram. But in this case the student must opt for a master program that compliments the previous MSc program. You can not repeat same course again or another course which is not relevant to the previous course taken.

What Gap of studies can be allowed ton study in the UK

Most schools accept only 7 years study gap to grant an offer to a student. Some other school do not llow more than 10 years study gap. However, other schools may accept as much as 15 years - 20 years and the stuent would need to write a good personal statement supporting the reason for this gap in studies. The student may have been working or undertaking some training programs. This must be presented on the personal statement.

Tuition Fees

How much are the tuition fees in the UK?

The tuition fees vary from different schools. Most of the fees ranges between £10,500 to £22,000

Can I make installment payments for my fees?

Yes, you can make your tuition fee in different installments and this depends on the school you are offered. Some school takes 30%, 40%, 50%, and 75% upfront tuition fee deposit before you are allowed to get a CAS letter. And in some cases, you are expected to pay more on your arrival. While some other schools would allow you to register and then agree with them on payment plans

Can I get student Loan in the UK

Being an international student you are not entitled to any student loan.

Are there available scholarships in the UK?

Yes there are some form of scholarship or discount offered to students by most institutions. We have been able to identify some of the schools and you can click on this link below to view available scholarship in the UK Scholarship/ Discount

How do I pay my tuition fees?

Once you get your conditional or unconditional offer, you can go along with your international passport and your letter to the bank in your location. Most times the schools indicate their account numbers and IBAN or transfer instructions on the offer letter. Once you show that to the bank they would process the payment for you. Note you must indicate your student application number or student ID reference nymber, your surname as well as initials as the " Refence of payment". This will enable the school identify that this payment is coming from you. Remember so many people all over the world are making payment to the same school. Some schools would indicate a link on your offer letter which would direct you to a page on their website on how you can make payment. Another way to make paytment is through online card payment on the school site. More instructions can be seen on the school website on payment of fees. You can also discuss with our customer service team on further advice.

What evidence can I show as proof of payment?

Once a tuition fee is paid from your home bank, they would give you a telex copy and you can send this to us so that we can provide it to the school

Must my tuition fee come from my sponsor's account?

Your tuition fee can come from anywhere. Your main spoinsor could be you dad and yopur tuition fee end up coming from your account or any other family memeber. There are no specific criteria for this.

What if I am unable to meet up further fee payments as requested by the school?

The school may decide to request the home office to curtail your visa. This means that you would be asked to leave the school and the UK. However, we advice that once you arrive the UK, ensure to discuss on a payment plan with the school's finance department. Seek to negotiate a better plan that can be affordable by you.


Am I allowed to come with my family while studying?

The Home office rules stipulate that only postgraduate students can bring in their family as Tier 4 dependants. If you are an undergraduate student, you would not be allowed to come with your family

What kind of visa category am I supposed to use as a student?

Foe every adult student that is someone coming for foundation to PhD, the visa category expected to use is the Tier 4 General student visa

What is TB test?

This is known as Tubberculusis test and every student coming for a program that is more than 6 months would require to go for this test. There are several centres for this test. For thise in Nigeria, below are the centres; B Test centres Clinic address Lagos Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC) No. 1 Isaac John Street (at the corner of Isaac John Street and Oduduwa Way) G.R.A. Ikeja Lagos Nigeria Telephone: +234(0) 807 219 1112 or 080 2226 4059 or 0909 999 1256 Email: IOM medical booking Operating hours: Monday to Thursday: 7:30am to 12pm Friday: 7:30am to 9.00am Closed on National/ IOM holidays. Abuja International Organization for Migration (IOM) No. 4, Buchannan Close, off Buchannan Crescent, off Amino Kano Crescent Wuse 11 Abuja Telephone: +234(0) 807 219 1122,080 9563 7898/080 8522 1427/703 289 8491. Email: IOM medical booking Operating hours: Monday to Thursday: 8:30am to 12:30pm Friday: 8:30am to 10am Closed on National/ IOM holidays.

I am not based in Nigeria, how do I get other centres?

Test centre by county

Does my family members who intend to join me to the UK require to take the TB test?

Yes your family memebers require the TB test. Even if you have a baby less than one year old

Would I be interviewed at the visa centre?

Yes you would be interviewed. The interview is conducted to know your credibility towards coming over to study. Note for some students who apply using Super Priority Visa, they are not interviewed at the visa centre. But the Home office in some instances identify some students and call them for interview. sometimes they send an email to them to come to the centre on a specific day for an interview.

What are the kind of questions asked during the interview?

  • Why did you choose to study in the UK?
  • What is the name of your school?
  • What course are you going for?
  • How much is your fee?
  • How much is your maintenance or upkeep money?
  • When Is the start and end date of your course?
  • Where would you stay when you come to the UK?
  • How Much is the hostel fees?
  • Who would be sponsoring you?
  • Did you apply or check any other school?
  • Why did you choose to study at this University?
  • How would this course help you?
  • What are the Units or Modules you would be studying?
  • How would you be assessed?
Note there may be other questions partaining to your circumstance

I have been refused visa previously can I apply for a student visa?

Yes you can. The good thing about the UK is that decisions are taken based on the current circumstance. If yoiu have been previously refused and as long as its not as a result of any fraudulent resaon then you should not have any problem. We advice you discuss intensively with our visa team and ensure to send us your previous refusal letter

What is the five year rule for a student?

In general, you are limited to a maximum of five years in the UK studying at undergraduate and/or Masters level. The Home Office allows you more time if: your undergraduate degree course was four or five years long and you want to study a Master's degree.

How long is a visa duration given?

This depends on the kind of program you applied. Normally, a Tier 4 visa will be valid for the duration of your Masters degree and for a further four months after you complete your course. You can use this extra time to look for work or apply for further study. However, you will normally need a new visa to carry out either of these activities

Am I entitled to work in the UK?

Your visa permit allows you to work for 20 hours a week. Sometimes during your holidays, like the summer break you could work for full time. But you are adviced to discuss with the internation office of your school for further advice on this.

Are there any reasons why my student visa could be refused?

It is important your ensure that all the requirements are met. At Jokings Educare we would give you all the support you need. Finance: You must maintain the required funds as stipulated in the Tier 4 UKVI Guardiance policy. Credibility Questions: You must be able to prove that you are a credible student. Ensure to understand the course you would be undertaking, why you want to study the course, the city where your school is located, what is peculiar to the city, did you apply to otjers schools and how you would get to school daily. Disclosing previous immigration history: you must disclose your previous immigration history be it for the UK or any other country. This must be done perfectly

How much is required as Maintenance funds for my family?

You are expected to maintain for 28 days Studying outside London £680 x 9 months = £6120 Studying inside London £845 x months = £7,605 This means that either £6,120 or £7,605 needs to be in your account or that of your spouse for 28 days Use the OANDA Currency Coverter to check the value in your local currency

Can I use my sponsores business account statement for visa application?

This process is complicated. However, you are adviced to make use of a personal bank statement of your sponsor (parents or legal guardian) or yourself.

What are the documents required if I was to use my parents bank statement?

If you make use of your parents bank statement, you would need to present a financial consent letter fcor this purpose. A sample of such letter can be seen below; TIER 4 GENERAL STUDENT UK VISA AND IMMIGRATION UNITED KINGDOM FINANCIAL CONSENT LETTER FOR MR/MISS XXXXXXXXXX -PASSPORT NO: XXXXXXXX TO USE MY BANK STATEMENT I MR/MRS XXXXXXXXXX do hereby give my consent for my XXXXX bank statement to be used by my child MR/MRS/MISS XXXXXXXXXX for his/her her upkeep while studying at the University of XXXXXXXXX I do also confirm that he/ she can have access to the specified upkeep funds as required by immigration Please, feel free to contact me if any clarification is required. Yours faithfully, MR/MRS XXXXXXXXXX


Can a student work while studying? ​

Yes, a student can work for 20 hours a week while studying. Also during the major holidays, you can as well work full time but permission would be obtained from your institution.

Who can sponsor or be my financial sponsor

Your financial sponsor can be your father or your mother. Also, you can get a sponsorship letter from a UKVI recognised financial sponsor

What is the financial requirement for my study?

The rule expects that if you are studying outside London, you are supposed to maintain £9135 in your account for 28 days. And if you are studying inside London , you would need to maintain £11,385 for 28 days . Note by outside London we means your school is based outside the city of London and inside London, your school is located in the city of London

How do I get the right exchange rate?

The UKVI always make use of OANDA curreency voverter to determine the current exchange rate for that day, see link below; OANDA

Can I take a loan from my home courntry for my studies?

Yes you can take a loan for your studies in the UK to pay your tuition fees. Note any funds given to you for studies, you need to show evidence that these funds are avialbel for you all through the duration of your studies

Can I easily get an accomodation in the UK?

Yes you can. You may chose to stay in a private accommodation provider or in a regular house share. Also you can stay in the University accommodation

What is the cost of accommodation?

This depends on the city where you are staying. Most accommodation outside the school premised cost between £300 to £500 a month. Also, for proivate luxary accommodation you may get them between £100 -£190 a week and this depends on the kind of accommodation you select

Can I easily get a bank overdraft or credit card once I arrive the UK?

Securing a bank overdraft or credit card in the Uk depends on the credit check carried out by the financial institution. Once you arrive the UK, ensure to maintain a good credit record. You can visit online to see how you good get a good credit rating or keep a good credit record while in the UK

If I pay 50% or some part of my fees, what would be the financial requirement for my visa?

Lets use this as a sample;
If the student pays just 50% of their tuition fees they would need to show that they have £9135 Plus the balance 50% tuition in their account for one month if their school is based outside London. And for those schools inside London, they would need to show that they have £11,385 Plus the balance 50% tuition for one month. So if your fees is £12,000 And you pay 100%, its means all you need for 28 days is; School outside London - £9,135 Inside London - £11,385 However if you pay 50% out of the £11,000, it means you need to have; Schools Outside London- £9,135 + £5,500 (50% fees) = £14,635 Schools Inside London - £11,385 + £5,500 (50% fees) = £16,885 Check the value in your currency using OANDA

Can I pay for my Immigration health Surcharge later when I get to the UK?

The answer to this is No. You must psy for your IHS during your visa application process. And this is calculated based on the during of your stay in the UK

Can I use more than one bank statement from different banks for my visa application

You can use more than one bank statement for Tier 4 Visa application. You can also combine your bank statement to that of your parents. But note in this situation you must present their consnet letter or authorisation letter

What are the documents required if I was to use my parents bank statement?

If you make use of your parents bank statement, you would need to present a financial consent letter fcor this purpose. A sample of such letter can be seen below; TIER 4 GENERAL STUDENT UK VISA AND IMMIGRATION UNITED KINGDOM FINANCIAL CONSENT LETTER FOR MR/MISS XXXXXXXXXX -PASSPORT NO: XXXXXXXX TO USE MY BANK STATEMENT I MR/MRS XXXXXXXXXX do hereby give my consent for my XXXXX bank statement to be used by my child MR/MRS/MISS XXXXXXXXXX for his/her her upkeep while studying at the University of XXXXXXXXX I do also confirm that he/ she can have access to the specified upkeep funds as required by immigration Please, feel free to contact me if any clarification is required. Yours faithfully, MR/MRS XXXXXXXXXX

Life in the UK

Are the people in the UK friendly?

The people in the UK are friendly and receptive to international students. We've bearly had any complian of discrimination or racism. These are major offences in the Uk and as an international student you MUST report any incidence of discrimination or racist commenet to the police.

What is the cost of accommodation?

This depends on the city where you are staying. Most accommodation outside the school premised cost between £300 to £500 a month. Also, for proivate luxary accommodation you may get them between £100 -£190 a week and this depends on the kind of accommodation you select

Are there available jobs in the UK?

There are jobs you can secure in the UK. This apparently depends on the city of your location. Not all cities are economically vibtrant. However we advice that you check the city where your school is located to get more information about the place. You can get severally jobs and this would depend on how you organise your curriculum vitae

Can I get a highly skilled job in the UK?

This is apparently possible. Most times students do not beleieve that they can secure highly skilled jobs in the UK. In pastr we have several students who have gotten great jobs and were offer a tier 2 work permit. Once you are about finishing your studies, we advice you continue looking at job sites for highly slkilled jobs and ensure to prepare an organised CV that can impress the employer.

What are the requirement to work in the UK?

  • You must have work permit on your visa status.
  • You would require to get a National Insurance number
  • Prepare your CV
  • You can also seek for voluntary jonbs to give you a UK experience.
  • You can also contact our UK office: +447551455980

How do I get my National Insurance number?

You must contact the work and pension with this number: 0800 141 2075 Note before you call them, ensure to have your Biometric Resident Permit (BRP), international passport and your address details in front of you.

Can I open an account in the UK while I am studying?

You can open an account in the UK when you come in a sa student. The process would be for you to first get your Biometric Resident Permit from ypour school or post office and then register in school. Once you have done al;l these,, you can approach your international office or student support to give you a letter to any bank of your choice. Your address must be indicated on the letter.

Can I be able to work enough in the UK to be able to pay the balance of my fees?

In all honestly, this is very slim to achieve. Most students think that when they arrive the UK, they may be able to work and pay off the balance of their fees. Remember you can only work for 20 hours a week. This means that your ability to earn as much as £1000 is absolutely slim. We advise you ensure to get every support from your home country towards your tuition fee payment before arriving the UK

What are the chances of me getting a permanent stay in the UK

Note to secure a permanent stay in the UK, there are several routes. Mostly, you are expected to stay in the UK legally for 10 years to enable you qualify for settlement. On the other hand there are other routes like the tier 2 work permit or Tier 1 entrepreneur routes which can give you a quicker process to gain your permanet stay. please, discuss with out UK team for further advice

Please, ask any question and we would respond to you within a day
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