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German Visa Information 


Transfer payment of the advance tuition and application fees of € 2,200 to confirm admission and receive the final acceptance documents


Proceed for blocked account opening appointment as stated by the consulate with the Blocked Account Opening Requirements


Wait for the blocked account to be opened. The student will receive an email from Deutsche Bank stating the account has been opened with the international transfer details


Write an email to for student visa appointment. Due to heavy flow of request you might receive a date within three weeks of sending an email. Therefore it is recommended to request a date as soon as you have received confirmation from the bank.


Await visa decision


Write to German consulate in Lagos for blocked account opening appointment. Email is


Sign the forms in front of the officials at the German consulate / Embassy


Transfer EUR € 8,640+€ 150+ transfer costs to the blocked account in the student’s name


Fill out Visa Application Form


Start searching for accommodation once visa application has been made.


Download and fill out Blocked A/C Opening Forms


Check with embassy if they send the forms to Germany for the blocked account opening or is it sent by the student


Receive confirmation of transfer of funds from Deutsche Bank to the account. It usually takes 7 days for them to revert with the confirmation


Proceed for visa interview with Student Visa Requirements

Before you get permission to begin your studies in Germany, you will usually have to show how you intend to finance your stay. Be sure to enquire at the German embassy in your country as to which form of financial proof is required of you. The majority of students decide to open the blocked account.
There have been recent changes in the procedure of opening the blocked account with Deutsche Bank. If you have already started the process, please pay close attention to the following:

  • The blocked amount increased by 600 EUR (now 8640 EUR)

  • Account opening fee is now 150 EUR

  • of welfare payments (pension, unemployment benefit, social security) etc.)Most importantly, information about the origins of funds in now requested. Together with an application form the applicant should attach evidence of the source of funds (e.g. salary statements, proof

Please follow these links to check whether the form you submitted is correct:

  1. If you are 18 or above:

  2. If you are below 18:


If you have already submitted the application, you might be either requested to top up the amount or resend the application form. If you establish that the form you sent is outdated and you still did not hear back from the bank, we recommend to fill out the correct form and resend it as soon as possible.
For more information, simply visit  
Just remember File for it early enough!

Opening your own blocked account is not difficult, but keep in mind that summer is a busy period since many students apply for universities in Germany, prolonging the banking processing times. It may take up to several months to open an account.

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