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CITY: Canterbury is a historic town located in the city of Kent. Amongst other things, it is quite famous for its cathedral along with its pre-historic access routes. At present, this lovely town has light industries, which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The town is home to 3 well-known universities, the university of Kent, the university for the creative Arts and Canterbury Christ Church University.


TUITION: The university has an average tuition fee of £14,500 for postgraduate students coming from abroad. This figure is susceptible to further change based on course and entry time. In addition, they also have great discounts of about £1,500 and other scholarships available for international students.


STANDARD OF LIVING: This town is a personal favourite of most young people, both local and international, because of its strategic proximity to London, the capital city of the UK. It has a perfect blend of both country and city lifestyle, from a relaxing time out with friends in the town centre to a peaceful and quite time, canterbury offers the best of both worlds. Although it is a relatively wealthy area, the cost of student accommodation is reasonably priced. On average, a single room ensuite in this city is about £500 per calendar month while the cost of a 2-bedroom house or flat goes for £800 depending on if it has furnishing or not.


BRIEF: The university has currently been awarded silver for its teaching excellence. This award and rating demonstrates that its student achieve excellent outcomes In employment and/or further study and indicates high levels of students satisfaction. The university also placement options available for all business school students although it is a paid programme. The aim of this is to give their students ample opportunity to practice what they have been taught in the wider world through hands on experience in the business world. The university also has a well-stocked and standard library called Augustine             House which has a wide range of print and digital resources available for students.

Canterbury Christ Church University

18 000,00£Prix

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