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This is a reputable university with so much to offer an international student and has a campus in Coventry and London, there’s a reason Coventry was crowned UK City of Culture 2021. With its rich history and diverse population, Coventry is a vibrant, affordable home away from home. Coventry provides a learning environment that is designed to help maximise your potential to the fullest with their expert teaching staff and state of the art facilities. They have a support team that would groom you towards your career path to help you develop a competitive edge in the labour market, you would also be opportune to have a solid student support team for your welfare and academic purpose.


  • CITY: This university is in the city of Coventry. In same city, there is the university of Warwick which has one of the best business schools in the country. It is in the west midlands and is the 12th largest city in the UK. It has a relatively young population and has quickly become a student city. The city has great options for shopping location, entertainment, and a fun life. In addition to this it also has a fantastic road and rail network. There are lots of student jobs in this city in retail, healthcare, hospitality, customer service, cleaning, and warehouse. These roles are student friendly, accommodating the 20hr per week work limit.
  • TUITION: The average tuition for postgraduate international students is £18,500 with discounts available and a fantastic payment plan. This figure though changes depending on course of study and year of entry. Most specialised courses usually have a slightly higher tuition fee than most.
  • STANDARD OF LIVING: The average cost of a single room in this city is £450 per calendar month while the average cost of a 2-bedroom house or flat is £650 (this in turn is also dependant on whether it is furnished or unfurnished). With the current world change and rise in Inflation most areas have experienced an increase in price. For example, cost of housing, feeding and most basic amenities like electricity and gas prices have gone up.
  • BRIEF: The university is known as a top UK modern university not only because it has great and current facilities. It also has a campus in London which is fantastic for students who want to explore life in that city. It has received the Gold for outstanding Teaching and Learning (Teaching Excellence Framework) amongst several other awards and recognitions both recently and in times past. The university has nationally recognised subjects and courses making future employment for graduates easy.

Coventry University

    The minimum requirement for an international student to be able to gain admission directly is at least a WAEC level Certificate with Grades A to B in 5 subjects included Maths and at least C6 in English
    - Ordinary National Diploma
    - Diploma from a Federal University with a minimum of lower credit
    Ordinary National Diploma (OND)/Advanced Diploma can be considered for Level 2; Higher National Diploma (HND) for Level 3, Equivalent study from bachelor's degree course can be considered for Level 2 or 3 entry


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