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  • CITY: Newcastle upon Tyne is regularly hailed as one of the best cities for student life. It’s partly due to the city’s compactness, which makes it large enough to be vibrant and exciting while small enough to feel like home. The city has a beach with most of its buildings overlooking the waterside. It has the tendency to feel like home from day one. The city has a booming digital and health care sector making student opportunities in the health care assistant role easy to access. There are lots of student jobs in this city in retail, healthcare, hospitality, customer service, cleaning, and warehouse. These roles are student friendly, accommodating the 20hr per week work limit.
  • TUITION: The average tuition for postgraduate international students is £25,000 which is pocket friendly for a Russell group university. This figure though changes depending on course of study and year of entry. Most specialised courses usually have a slightly higher tuition fee than most
  • STANDARD OF LIVING: The average cost of a single room in this city is £450 per calendar month while the average cost of a 2-bedroom house or flat is £650 (this in turn is also dependant on whether it is furnished or unfurnished). With the current world change and rise in Inflation most areas have experienced an increase in price. For example, cost of housing, feeding and most basic amenities like electricity and gas prices have gone up.
  • BRIEF: Asides being a Russell group university, the university is also highly ranked globally with awards and national recognition to show for it. With an economy that includes corporate headquarters, digital technology, tourism, and world-leading research, it’s the perfect city to establish your career. The university has a great network of about 15 libraries with superb facilities.

Newcastle University London

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