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Study medicine abroad in English 


Study medicine abroad in English at the best medical schools abroad is possible. Medical prospective students get into medical university with full medical program (Medicine, dentistry, Pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc.) in English. The lectures and books are in English, projects are in English and all classmates, wherever they come from, are fluent in English.  Some Medical Universities abroad organize foundation or preparatory program for those students who do not must the language of instruction or the basic subjects for further medical study abroad. 

Tuition fees and living costs of studying medicine abroad in most of the best medical schools in the world is extremely very higher. Some of the best medical schools in Europe, Caribbean, China, etc., offer medicals study program, mostly in English at very reasonable fees and conditions. 
studying medicine abroad 
Most medical schools abroad accept medical students transfer from accredited universities.  Have you finished 2 years of medical study in your country and you fill like finishing your education in other European University? It is possible. Note that transferring from medical school to another, what is important is not how much years you have passed, but how much medical university credits you have. 

Medical schools in Canada


The competition to enter a faculty of medicine in Canada is very keen so it is important that applicants ensure that they fully meet the entry requirements of each faculty of medicine to which they apply. The applicant’s high school certificate and eventually the type of pre-medical undergraduate degree and institution of study should not deter to apply to any medical school, provided that all academic prerequisites of a given university are met. Medical course in Canada is 3 to 5-year program, depending on Universities and the background of each student.


Bulgaria Medical Universities

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