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The university is in London and has been known for its extremely high quality of teaching and research instruction and guidance, it has always been admired for its commitment to academic excellence, University of Greenwich has a reputation for producing some of the greatest brains in history. Its high acceptance rate makes it a fantastic option for many overseas students as well, particularly if you want to earn a degree in management or a STEM field.


  • CITY: The university is situated in London and few minutes from central London. London is incredibly diverse and welcoming. There are over 300 languages spoken in the city and more than 400,000 university students from more than 200 different nations study here. In addition, as an academic city, a huge number of academic resources and research institute. The headquarters of many major UK and international business, organisations and institutes are based in London and around central London. The city offers nearly more than any other city when it comes to entertainment, culture, and experience. There are lots of student jobs in this city in retail, healthcare, hospitality, customer service, cleaning, and warehouse. These roles are student friendly, accommodating the 20hr per week work limit.
  • TUITION: The average tuition for postgraduate international students is £15,000 with discounts available and a fantastic payment plan. This figure though changes depending on course of study and year of entry. Most specialised courses usually have a slightly higher tuition fee than most.
  • STANDARD OF LIVING: The average cost of a single room in this city is £700 per calendar month while the average cost of a 2-bedroom house or flat is £1200 (this in turn is also dependant on whether it is furnished or unfurnished) and close it is to central London. With the current world change and rise in Inflation most areas have experienced an increase in price. For example, cost of housing, feeding and most basic amenities like electricity and gas prices have gone up.
  • BRIEF: Recently the university was top on the list of best London universities. According to feedbacks from both current and past students, the university is exceptional not only in teaching and learning but in guaranteeing a memorable experience as well. Another reason to choose this university is that it has a nice campus in a unique location in London which is perfect for job post-graduation.

University of Greenwich

15,100.00£ سعر عادي
13,500.00£سعر البيع
    *For entry into four-year extended degree programmes, you will need to have met the following: SSC/ WAEC/NECO with Grade 1-3 including English and Maths C6 or above
    *For standard entry to our Bachelor's programmes, you will need to have met the following:
    National Diploma with lower Credit, WAEC C6 or above in English
    Some Bachelor's degrees allow advanced entry to year 2 or year 3, depending on your study history.
    *For advanced entry to Year 2 you will need to complete:
    Enter after Year 2 Bachelors with 50% OR Higher National Diploma with Lower Credit
    *For advanced entry to Year 3 you will need to complete:
    Higher National Diploma with Higher Credit


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